Posted by: Kiki | April 8, 2009

What gets you excited about YA?

We’re continuing our awesome launch week party by asking around the blogosphere:

What excites you about YA/teen fiction right now?

Here are a couple of replies I got from authors, reviewers, editors and readers.


I love the variety that’s out there. I love that publishers aren’t afraid to publish longer books for teens. I love that there is never enough out there because teens blitz right though the books and are looking for more. Keep on writing great books!

-Jill Williamson
Novel Teen Book Reviews


What excites me right now about YA fiction is seeing all the support it is getting on the internet. In the two years since the release of my first book, I’ve watched YA-friendly lit sites explode onto the scene, attracting more and more (and more) readers to our lovely genre. It is so much fun to peruse the sites, to see what’s what and who’s who, and meet new people and even make new friends. All in the name of promoting YA fiction. 

So please allow me to warmly welcome We Love YA, and add it to my “favorites” list to visit regularly!


Tina Ferraro
The ABC’s of Kissing Boys
How to Hook a Hottie (Finalist, 2009 Rita Award)
Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress


I really dig the YA paranormal fiction trend – not only because I write in that genre, but because I love to read it. And there are so many wickedly fun titles to choose from!


“I love the enthusiasm of the authors who write teen books for us at the Wild Rose Press, and the insightful comments our teen readers provide on the books we’re planning to publish. I think YA books are a lot more exciting, fun, and imaginative than they used to be.”
~Kat O’Shea, Senior Editor, Climbing Rose, the YA line of The Wild Rose Press


Give me a psychic, a vampire, a werewolf, or ghost any day, and I’m in a world of my own.
~~ Terry Lee Wilde, 


What excites me in YA fiction is paranormal World Building…       

I love what I do, I create worlds. I like to mix mythology (I’m really into Viking Lore at the moment) with modern, and have stories that dabble on the paranormal side with a dash of humor thrown into the mix. Heat it up with a hero that makes the heart pound a little faster and simmer with heroine ever teen girl can relate to, stir in Werewolves, Ghosts, and Valkyries… Experience my world, Freaksville coming 9-16-2009.

I’ve always loved the YA tone – that fun, enticing voice that reaches out and grabs the reader and pulls her into the book’s world.     Whatever it takes to reach young readers and get them involved in one of my favorite hobbies – reading – also excites me! 

Laurie Larsen

Check out Laurie’s new books:
Preacher Man, available now!
The Chronicles of Casey V, coming July 15!
Visit Laurie online at 



What about you? Are you a teen fiction writer, reader or reviewer? What excites YOU about YA right now?


  1. Love these quotes, Kiki!

    As a writer and a reader of YA, I’m excited by how much scope there is in today’s teen fiction–from “issue”-based novels to fantasy to romance to spy fiction to sci-fi, etc. To me, it’s a case of anything goes.

    ~ Vanessa

  2. Cyborgs! I still think Cyborgs are getting a bum rap in the media, darn that Blade Runner guy! Bring on cyborg love triangles, we could have sparkly cyborgs, angsty cyborgs, cyborgs trying to find their identity in a non-conducive world… I think this is an untapped market! It’s the next big thing!

  3. The community. It’s a genuinely awesome group of teen readers, adult readers, librarians, teachers, publishers and authors. It’s like the best book club ever.

  4. Welcome, We Love YA! The community…the cyborgs…the competition in publishing, even, since YA books just keep getting better and better. I’m a reader and a writer (my 1st YA book comes out next year).

  5. Great responses, everyone!
    And I definitely agree with Adele. YA writers and readers are just the nicest people ever.
    Just look at all the warm n’ fuzzies around this blog!

  6. I love that anything goes in YA. It can be in any genre and can take the protagonist anywhere.

    And I love that there is such a crossover between YA and adult books now!

  7. I love YA! 🙂 I just recently became a YA author!! 🙂

    Taylor J. Beisler

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