Posted by: amandaashby | April 9, 2009

Of course it’s not really a party until the zombies arrive




You know I was thinking of going for a short catchy title but then I thought,  hey, if you can’t splash out on a fancy title once in a while then what’s the point of living? Of course perhaps I’m just being a bit over dramatic, but then again, I write young adult fiction (about zombies) so I think we can safely establish that  over dramatic is my middle name.

Anyway, this week it’s all about the launch of the We love YA blog site, which I’m very excited to be part of. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m originally from Brisbane (Kenmore – please don’t judge me for it!) but after finishing a journalism degree at the University of Queensland I did what every good Australian girl does and went and worked in a bar in London. Unfortunately,  then (much to my mother’s annoyance) I sort of forgot to come back home!

Anyway, after going back and forth between New Zealand and the UK a few too many times I’m now settled in Napier which is a gorgeous Art Deco town right on the sea and surrounded by vineyards.  Yeah, I’m doing it tough.

In between all the moving, I also managed to get a husband and two kids and while they’re not yet fully adjusted to my cooking techniques (red in the middle and charcoal on the outside because I’m an Aries and we tend to do things quickly) they are slowly learning that living with a writer often sounds a lot more fun than it actually is!

Anyway, now that you probably know far too much about me I’d like to contribute something to the party. At first I was thinking of bringing a plate of food, but after sharing my cooking techniques with you, I think we can all agree that it would be a BAD idea so instead I thought I’d give away a copy of my recently released young adult book ZOMBIE QUEEN OF NEWBURY HIGH.

The book is released in the US (though is available through most online retailers as well. Just saying) and is about what happens when Mia Everett tries to do a love spell to stop her prom date from dumping her and instead accidentally turns her entire senior year into flesh eating zombies. Whoops. She then has to find a cure before she becomes first course in their new protein only diet.

And to go in with a chance to win all you need to do is  ‘fess up and tell me what’s the dumbest thing that you’ve ever done for love (double points if it involves zombies!)



  1. Hey, Amanda! Fellow quick-draw Aries person here. My husband grew up in Kenmore and he turned out alright.

    I have to jump on here and tell everyone how fantastic ZOMBIE QUEEN OF NEWBURY HIGH is. Don’t be afraid of the undead, because Mia and her scrumptious hero Chase have a cunning plan (well, several plans) to get rid of them.

    ~ Vanessa

  2. Dumbest thing for love???
    Did a 20 mile walkathon in the middle of summer! It was a boy school vs girl school fundraiser. My BFF and I wanted boyfriends. I was 16 and smitten by this guy that walked with us. (Got a bit more than I bargained for because subsequently I married him – still got him several centuries later btw :-)) After we’d finished the walk they put on a dance to say thanks. Yeah, right! That’s where the zombie part came in. We were all more than a bit tired and spacey by then! PS – Double points for me – there’s the zombie bit you wanted. Mmmmwaahaha!!!

  3. Great going Clare, exercising for love. As for me I joined up with a karate club to be with this guy I had a crush on, he went out with another girl so ah well I lost out there.
    As for zombies, that’s what I am at 3am when dealing with toddler twins and four year olds.

  4. Hi Amanda!

    I believe my cooking skills is not as bad as yours. Mine could probably kill an army of zombies. Hehe

    The dumbest thing I done for love is change my appearance for a guy. I actually dyed my hair blonde and acted like a strumpet for him. I still cringed thinking about that. I was drawn to him like a zombie drawn to free brains. Thanks for offering a free copy of Zombie Queen.

  5. I live 20 mins from Napier and can vouch for how totally gorgeous it is!!! I know nothing about Kenmore though!

  6. Kenmore??? Well da de da. Very posh!!
    Napier sounds nicer 🙂

    I have to say I’ve never done anything dumb for love. Fell for my hubby at 16 and I have to say he was surprisingly easy 🙂 so no contortions required.

    Okay – am going to have to track down your book…

  7. Vanessa – well he’s okay now because he escaped!!!!! And yay about a fellow Aries. It rocks to be us!

    Clare – love the story and you definitely get the double point bonus for the nice zombie mention!!!!

    Natalie – hahaha – love it! Though I feel extremely tired just thinking of toddlers and a four year old. Mine are six and eight and are now well mannered enough to sleep through the night!

    Sue – wow, you totally went all out for love! I’m so impressed!

    Sara – trust me, it’s better this way!

    Amy – Napier is gorgeous and I command you to come over and visit very soon!!!!!

  8. Can’t say I have done anything dumb for love ever.

    Well I am not counting that time when to get this aftershave for my bf broke into a government lab, stole what i think was it, and accidentally realise a zombie sickness that they had rescued from an evil country…woops

  9. […] We’re giving away a copy of Sandy Fussell’s POLAR BOY to a lucky blog visitor. To be in the draw, just tell us what’s teetering at the top of your reading pile. Easy, huh? I’ll announce the winner next Friday. There’s still time to win a copy of Amanda’s ZOMBIE QUEEN OF NEWBURY HIGH. Check out her post here. […]

  10. the dumbest thing I have ever done for love? I guess it is think you can change them. you can’t. don’t waste your time or energy.

  11. At sixteen I asked this boy (that I convinced myself that I was in love with) to my year 12 formal. He was handsome, funny, smart yet when he got to the formal he turned into a zombie in the worst way.

    An all girl’s school formal might strike some guys mute but this guys stumbled after me slowly (always three feet behind), didn’t speak and then had the gaul to maul me ( I think it was supposed to be a kiss) at the conclusion of the night.

    I guess this really is a story of a crush being destroyed by zombification rather than a story of how I dumbly asked Matt to formal. Sigh. Maybe it’s both.

  12. Hmm well the dumbest thing I’ve ever done is to try to make my crush think I’m not interested. SUPER stupid. Don’t do that.

    I know I already have Zombie Queen but another copy won’t hurt. 😛 I’ll give it away to my best friend and spread the word for ZOMBIES! 😀

  13. Dumbest thing I ever did for love? Marry him!!! LOL!!!!!

    Just kidding. Like Amy I was a baby when I fell hard for my man – 15 years old – and he still rattles my chains 30 odd years later.

    Really, really want to read this book Amanda!! Sounds fabulous and I’ve been hearing lots of great things! Congrats! Can we get it in Oz?

    Cheers, Kaz Delaney

  14. I think you have to keep doing the dumb things for love or you’ll never find it. What on earth am I talking about? I know with my first love, the dumbest thing I did was to trust him and all the rest that goes with that. And he shattered my trust and my heart a few short months later. But you have to do it again until it fits. Until you find the love. Otherwise you could turn into a zombie yourself (or Miss Havisham)

  15. Dumbest thing…*sigh*… so many to choose from…!

    Ok, with adult eyes on, the dumbest thing would have to be changing my name for a boy. When I was about 14 I started dating Michael (bad boy, wrong boy) and he brought me a silver bracelet and had my name engraved on it.

    He spelled my name NIKKI on that bracelet and so I made my family, my school and my friends all change from NICKY to NIKKI just for him. It meant changing school records, re-labelling all my books, even birthday cards…simply to save him the embarrassment of discovering he’d got it wrong.

    Only later did I discover that him not knowing how to spell my name was just one of many excellent clues that he just wasn’t that into me. Clues that were easy to spot from the other side of dumpsville. Oh, and that he’d stolen that silver bracelet although he did pay to have it engraved – LOL – see, bad boy… wrong boy!

    We all learn… 😉

  16. Wow – you guys have just the best comments ever!!!!

    Blodeued – hahahaha, well I suppose that can count!!!!!

    Erika Lynn – oh how I hear you on that one. I’ve long given up trying to train my husband!

    Adele – that is too funny how the formal brought out Matt’s inner zombie!!!

    Kate – ah yes, I have sooo done that myself and it definitely didn’t work!

    Kaz – you can’t fight against the chain rattle and I always say if you’re going to get married it might as well be to a hottie!!!! Unfortunately Zombie isn’t out in Australia or New Zealand which means I’m destined to never see my books on the shelf – boo! Though most online places should have it!

    Dianne – ouch! Of course the other alternative is to turn into a zombie yourself and then eat them since they do say revenge is a dish best served cold!!!!!

    Nikki – OMG – that is such a classic – I LOVE it!!! In fact I’m fairly certain that there is a book in there somewhere!!!!!!

  17. Okay, this didn’t happen to me but to a friend of mine (cough, cough) whom we shall call, um, Tina. See, Tina and her boyfriend were at a college recruitment fair. Her boyfriend had just submitted his application to the college he really, really wanted to get into which was in a different state from the one Tina wanted to go to. So the next day Tina returned to the booth without her boyfriend and explained that “her brother” had made a mistake in his application and that he would like his application back. Since the recruiter at the booth remembered them, he returned the application to her, no questions asked. Tina then trashed her boyfriend’s application, he was no wiser and they both ended up in the same college. Of course, they broke up six months later. Oh, um, did I tell you that her boyfriend was a zombie? And really, it’s not me. I swear.


  18. One of the dumbest things I’ve done for love actually does involve zombies…sort of. I had recently broken up with my ex, but was still hanging out with him at the mall. I left to go on a date with a new boy. This was our 2nd date and it was only a few days before Christmas. His gift? A copy of The Zombie Survival Guide. I loved the gift, but my heart wasn’t in the date. I left early, called my ex, and told him the Zombies and the waterproof matches meant nothing to me, and I wanted him back.

    The dumb part – for a second there, I thought the Zombie book meant that maybe the new guy and I were perfect together 🙂 Man, was I wrong.

  19. Lesley – please tell your, er, friend that I was laughing out loud at that one!!!

    Meg – that is is so brilliant!!!! (and is it wrong that I hope you still got to keep the Zombie Survival Guide?)

  20. Haha! Sure, Amanda. I’ll tell her but I don’t think she’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve shared her story in a public forum … she might be hatching up some way to get back at me even as we speak …


  21. I totally kept the book 🙂 Oops…

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