Posted by: sarahantz | April 11, 2009

Let’s Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MySpace Glitters

This week we’re celebrating the launch of our fabulous new blog. I’m really excited about it and judging by the number of comments we’ve already had so are a lot of you.

Anyway, to celebrate I decided to pop open a bottle of bubbly, unwrap a huge block of dark ginger flavored chocolate (I’m that sort of giving person, even though it’s only ten in the morning I’m forcing myself to do this!!), and sit back and let someone else do the work. That someone being Suzy Green, the main character in my book The Second Virginity of Suzy Green. Knowing what she’s like, I thought I’d ask her to talk about a time in the past when she’s lied.

So, over to Suzy:

Hey… Suzy Green here. When Sara asked me to take part in her launch party for We Love YA I was honored. Except she wants me to talk about a lie I’ve told. Do I look like the sort of person who lies? I don’t think so. Because if I did then I wouldn’t have got away with the biggest lie of all time.

Before you think too badly of me, I’d like to add that this lie wasn’t planned. In fact if you take it literally I didn’t really lie at all… I just didn’t correct people’s assumptions.

It all happened when I started my new school. Things were really difficult for me. My sister had died and I’d sort of gone off the rails. Well, more than sort of, I was pretty much heading nowhere fast. Anyway, this chance to start again presented itself and I decided to be a perfect student, and try to hang out with the perfect in-crowd. And you know what, I succeeded. And I even started to date the hottest most perfect guy in school.

So where did the lie come in? Well, at my new school everyone… well anyone who was anyone… belonged to a club. And no I don’t mean swimming or tennis club. Or anything normal. This was a Virginity Club. Yikes. So I went to one of the meetings with my friends. I didn’t say I was a virgin. I didn’t say I wasn’t. No one asked. Anyway, I sort of got carried away and before I knew it, I’d taken the pledge to stay a virgin until I got married. Oooops. Or should that be double oooops?

It was cool. Yes, it was a lie, but it wasn’t hurting anyone so I figured I’d just go along with it. Wrong!! Because who should turn up but my ex… as in the one!

Anyway, to cut a long story short (yes this is me being short), I admitted everything to my new friends (and they were really cool about it); I ended up going back out with my ex… the hot guy wasn’t so perfect after all; and I learnt the most important thing of all, that you shouldn’t try and be something you’re not.

So, thanks for inviting me Sara, it was fun. And if any of you want the chance to win some cherry-themed goodies just leave a comment.

If you check out the cover of The Second Virginity of Suzy Green you’ll see the significance of the cherries!



  1. Hi, Suzy (and Sara!). This is my third attempt at posting a comment – and if attempts #1 and #2 turn up somehow, you’ll know for sure I am not telling tales!

    Anyway, let’s see if I can remember the witty things I said in the comments that vanished…

    Suzy, I really sympathised with you in the book. You got caught up in the whole “new school, new life” drama. And I laughed so much. (Not at you, but with you.)

  2. I love cherries and I love the cover of The Second Virginity of Suzy Green. i feel like your lie was harmless because you weren’t lying to someone who you were sleeping with. That is the only time it isn’t ok to lie about those things.

  3. Sara, I think your title for your book is SOOOOO clever. Really grabs the attention. Congratulations on the new blog. It’s a beauty. Loved Vanessa’s interview yesterday with Sarah from Walker Books. By the way, your generosity is mind-blowing! Seriously, Nobel-prize winning stuff! 😉 Now, where’ my chocolate?

    Suzy, waving hello!

  4. Great post Suzy Green and could you just get your author Sara Hantz to put down the dark chocolate and step away from the bubbles because we both know what she’s like once she gets started!!!!!

  5. Vanessa posts 1 and 2 haven’t materialised…. are you sure you haven’t been on the bubbly???? Glad Suzy made you laugh!

    Erika, I agree absolutely!!

    Anna, I LOVE my title too….. I wish I could take the credit for it, but it was the brainchild of my editor. Thanks for all the lovely comments about the blog.

    Amanda…… I’m away from the chocolate and bubbles…. honest…. ok, there’s none left hahahaha

  6. I suck at titles, which is why I like having my hubby suggest a few, although DieHarder just doesn’t work in YA romance really.
    Great post Sara/Suzy, the V club has been getting a bit of airplay in a couple of other books just released in the states. Interesting concept.

  7. A born again virgin! The things our characters do to be populaar. Hehe! I think I’m hankering after the ginger flavoured chocolate though.

  8. Yay Suzy, it’s always great to catch up with you! And Sara, I hope I’m not too late to share in some of that bubbly and chocolate? You know what I’m like with bubbly and chocolate… ha ha ha!

  9. Hi, Suzy
    It’s good to see you again. Y’know, hearing you talk has made me want to go read your book again. The Second Virginity of Suzy Green is sooooooo good.

    Whoops, sorry, Sara, I suppose it’s really your book!

  10. Yes, Natalie, the V Club has been popular recently!

  11. Diane, chocolate ginger is my all time favourite, the best is Thorntons which I can only get in the UK… guess where I’ll be heading when I go to the UK next month!!!

  12. Christina, you know I’ve always got choc and bubbly to share with you…. hopefully in August!!

  13. Awww, thanks Pat!!!!

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