Posted by: Kiki | April 22, 2009

Five favourite foods

Food is one of those topics I can go on and on about for days on end. I love every aspect of food. Planning meals, choosing recipes, grocery shopping, cooking, plating, eating… Okay, everything except for washing up afterwards.
In fact, if I wasn’t a writer, I’d still be working in the food industry. And I would have probably helped cook the meals for the last conference, as that was the hotel where I had an apprenticeship spot…

To make this post fun, I thought I’d talk about my five favourite foods (and hope you’ll share yours in return).
Enjoying food is such an elemental and essential pleasure, everyone should do it as often as possible. Don’t get me started on “diets”!

My five fave foods:

  1. Berries
    Blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries, currants. I adore everything berry and I resent the fact that they are so insanely pricey here in Australia. For the third year ina  row, I’m trying to grow some berries in my garden. This year, I’m trying raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and loganberry. Hopefully at least one of them will produce more than five fruits. One of my favourite way to enjoy berries is in a  smoothie.
  2. Chickpeas
     In fact, I love all legumes, from humble lentils to fine black turtle beans to sweet adzuki beans. But chcikpeas (or garbanzo beans) hold a special spot in my heart. They make a great snack all by themselves, they turn into tasty hummus and tehy are just so FUN! If you’ve never had roasted chickpeas, you *must* make them some time. They are a low-fat snack full of crunchy fun you’ll just gobble up.
  3. Bread
     I am infinitely fascinated by the process of bread-making. You take ingredients that appear to have nothing in common, add some tiny, tiny creatures, let it sit until it transforms, then pop it near some source of heat and voila! Bread! I love any and all bread (okay, except for those square supermarket loaves. I can’t eat those. not jsut because they’re gross, but because of the horror stories a local food inspector told me. think sliced rats…), but my favourite bread of all time is a sourdough rye with olives that my local community market sells. Dee-vine!
  4. Mushrooms
    Another food with fun factor. I sometimes have a bag of raw mushrooms with me while I’m out walking. They’re a great snack (and a conversation starter). I also love them sauteed in lots of garlic with a creamy sauce (I make mine with just a dash of soy milk and some spices). Or of course grilled, for the best burgers you’ll ever have. Mushrooms, like beans and berries, come in all shapes and sizes for different purposes. Try enoki for texture or shiitake for flavour of all you’ve had are those cardboard white button mushrooms from the supermarket.
  5.  Miso
     Miso is fermented bean paste. Doesn’t sound very appetising? It’s full of salty goodness and perfect for anything from sauces to stocks to soups and sandwich spreads. I love a cup of plain miso broth when I’m feeling low, and I add miso to creamed nuts like cashews to make a dairy-free cheese-like topping for pizza. There are different kinds of miso, and they vary greatly in taste, texture and concentration. A little goes a long way. And never,m ever boil your miso, it’ll destroy its subtle flavour.

What are your five favourite foods? Or on the flip side, what are five foods you absolutely hate?



    1. I am forever being teased about my love of chickpeas by my BIL. Ha! See other people like them too. Roasted honey chickpeas are yummy. Not a fan of miso or kimchee (oh the smell!) and durian…. somebody light a match.
      Fav foods:
      teriyaki chicken with hokkien noodles
      Tom Yung Goong
      freshly baked bread (that smell as it just comes out of the oven, look I’m salivating already).

    2. I don’t think we have much in food-common lol. I will list my five most hated foods:
      1, Bananas – the smell, the squishiness, etc
      2. Tomatoes – eww
      3. Olives – Just Can’t do it
      4. Coffee – the smell repels me
      5. Cooked pineapple – it’s meant to be fresh, that’s all I can say.

      I am picky…my poor mum.

    3. Cooked pineapple, yum yum yum! Actually pineapple soaked steaked cooked medium rare. Lovely lovely. Sorry Kiki! I used to be picky but once I lived on my own I learned to eat whatever I could put together and not complain. LOL.
      Miss my mum’s casserole.

    4. Kiki, I love your favourite foods. I could live on raspberries for brekky, sourdough bread for lunch and mushrooms for dinner. Obviously, in vast quantities to keep me satisfied.

      In no particular order, here are my favourites (apart from the others I just listed):
      1. Clam chowder
      2. Milk chocolate
      3. Potatoes in any form
      4. Salt’n’pepper squid
      5. Sashimi

      I’m suddenly very hungry. Why is that?

    5. Ooh, Adele, I don’t think we’re going to be foodie BFFs. I love all your hated foods! In fact, I’ve had all of them already this week… Sorry!

      Nat, mangoes and bananas are definitely on my ‘awesome’ list, too. Got over bananas a bit after eating them every day after my wisdom teeth came out though.

      Vanessa, definitely agree on the potatoes, but I’ll pass on all the other ones.

    6. Now I’ll reveal what a bad girl I am:

      1. Stuffed green olives
      2. Chocolate (Cadbury’s) – used to be Caramello koalas until they changed the recipe.
      3. Pizza (home made on Lebanese bread)
      4. Sunday roast – Chicken or lamb and baked potatos
      5. Sushi (but not the sashimi raw variety, I like my sushi filled with things like teriyaki chicken etc.

    7. Di they changed the recipe on Caramello Koala’s? Holy mackerel, why?

    8. I *thought* there was something fishy going on with the Caramello Koalas…

    9. Diane, I’d come to your house for tea! Yummo!

      I love stuffed olives and Kalamata olives. Love a roast, expect lamb. Potatoes (I’d swim in a pool of German potato salad or mashed potatoes if I could). Homemade chicken schnitzel. Steak (medium well). Oh, I love lentils and mango and sushi. Chocolate too, but it doesn’t like me. Hang on, that’s more than five!

      Food, food, food. Whenever I talk about food I get hungry. Now I want to stuff my face.

    10. I meant except lamb. I should learn to reread before posting. Goose.

    11. For those of you that love them, what’s your favourite olive stuffing?
      Also, while kalamatas are nice, I personally prefer Manzanilla.

    12. Kiki, I’m just an easy to please girl. I just buy the supermarket olives stuffed with pimento.

      Just like I buy Cadbury and not the richer chocolates.

      Natalie, Vanessa – the Caramello koalas changed about 12 months ago to a richer caramel filling. The family blocks followed suit about a month or two later (when the wrapping changed). I now eat plain Cadbury’s.

      Monique, I thought you were coming to my place for dinner and ‘expecting’ lamb which is a reasonable assumption if its a Sunday.

    13. Kiki, I like green olives stuffed with ricotta, but they don’t agree with me (unfortunately). You can also get them stuffed with fish, but I can’t remember what kind. Generally I stick with the ones stuffed with capsicum.

      Diane, sorry, I don’t eat lamb! My dad didn’t like it so my sister and I developed a weird thing about eating it. If it’s chicken, pork or beef, I’m there (apologies to anyone who is a vegan or vegetarian!).

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