Posted by: amandaashby | April 23, 2009

Why, why, why?

Okay so this week at weloveya it’s all about food and clearly I’m not going to give you a recipe because that would be like asking the devil to help knit some jumpers for fluffy kittens – it’s the path to madness. Not saying that I’m the devil of course, but I am a notoriously dreadful cook who burns just about everything she touches (and a few things that she doesn’t) and so it would be wrong of me to try and pass this infliction onto the rest of the world.

Instead I thought I’d talk about one of the greatest criminal injustices that has happened in the modern world. Yes, my friends, it’s time to discuss the decision by Cadburys to not continue to release the Mars Midnight Bar.







Now I don’t know if any of you were lucky enough to taste a Mars Midnight Bar but let me set the stage. The outside was covered in rich dark chocolate while on the inside was the purest, softest nougat all set off by a delicious caramel sauce.

I actually tasted my first one when I was pregnant with my son and  very soon discovered that I could not possibly get by without having at least one a day (and when I say at least, that is really code for two but shhhh, don’t tell my husband!). However, halfway through my pregnancy I learnt the terrible news that this was only a limited edition bar and that soon it would no longer be available.

Now there are a few things that you should never tell a pregnant woman.

1) That  she looks fat.

2) That her baby might be ugly


I mean that’s just plain mean. I needed those little bars of pure, angelic goodness just to help me get through the day and they think it’s perfectly okay to discontinue them?

Well, that’s not good enough. Fortunately for me, one of the local supermarkets put them into clearance I managed to buy up 28 packets – each containing 4 bars. Now, for those of you who aren’t quick on the maths, let me just assure you that that’s a lot of  Mars  Midnight Bars to get through. But then again I was a lot of pregnant – not to mention the fact that I have a PhD in chocolate consumption!!

Thankfully by the time my son was born (and no, he didn’t come out chocolate coated, though he does have a very sweet tooth, I can’t possibly think why!) my obsession with Mars Midnight bars did subside slightly – most likely from the fact I had just eaten 112 of them, but I still miss them and wish they’d come back.

So my question is what is your favourite thing that is no longer available in the stores? And more importantly, how did you cope with the lose?



  1. Mars Midnight is available in Canada as Mars Dark. So maybe some of your northern friends could help out?

    Oh, and sorry to sound all pernickity, but Cadbury and Mars are different companies. And did the remade ad with the gorilla and John Farnham’s song suck the big one?

    My son tested positive for chocolate when he arrived in the world. He got all shivery on day two and I honestly thought he was having withdrawal symptoms!

  2. chocolate gives me migraines so I can’t eat it, but that’s okay because I love licorice. Although I found out recently that ChooChoo Bars are no longer around. Oh the indecency of society, they were my favourite because they were only 10c and were really long so you’d get more lolly for your buck. Oh and hey Iced Vo Vos… who had the audacity to make them smaller? Darn you Arnotts! They used to be huge and yummy, I bought a packet the other day and they were the size of a fruit pillow. NOT ON Arnotts, NOT ON!

  3. Ebony – hahaha – I’m blushing with embarassment and have corrected my title. I really need to be less hasty to press the save button on the blog!!!! I saw that they were still available in Canada. Lucky Canadians!

    Natalie – omg I use to love ChooChoo bars and as for Iced Vo Vos I haven’t seen them in years – I must investigate further when I go back to Australia for a holiday in July!!!!!

  4. Wow, what a tragic story! So glad to hear you were able to stock up for a while.

    None of my favourite snacks have completely disappeared, but when I moved across continents, I had to leave some of my favourites behind. Like Katjes liquorice, which just tastes so much better than the black molasses that they call liquorice down under.

  5. Amanda, I hereby relinquish my title of Chocolate Coinoisseur – I didn’t even know about the existence of Mars Midnight! I’d probably weigh a whole lot more if I did. Now I really wanna try one!

    I miss hazelnut Snickers bars. They had a brief and, I thought, very successful run just before the Great Food Tampering scare circa 2002. *All* Mars and Snickers bars were taken off the shelves. The regular bars gradually made a comeback but the hazelnut variety appears lost forever. 😦

    Ebony, I had a good giggle about your son testing positive to chocolate.

  6. I miss the chocolate of my youth. Fred Flinstone bars that came in strawberry or banana flavour and cost about 10 cents each.

    Or maybe I just think I miss them.

    I miss the spicy pork on Pizzas at a certain pizza chain. My favourite pizza was a ‘certain manager’s’ special – capsicum, onion, spicy pork, pepperoni and pineapple. Yummy. And of course the pizzas were already piping hot out of the oven.

    For more, read

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