Posted by: sarahantz | April 25, 2009

Food glorious food….

When I knew this week was all about food, I thought cool I can blog about my favourite… the potato!!! And what happened???? Vanessa beat me to it.

So, what’s a girl to do? I can’t blog about cooking because I only have to look at something and it burns, and to be honest it doesn’t matter because I’ve never been interested in learning to do it properly! I could blog about being lactose intolerant and all the challenges that brings, but that isn’t really interesting.

In the end I thought, why don’t I blog about the other love of my life…. sweets (candy, lollies). I have a very sweet tooth and LOVE marshmallows, jelly beans, dolly mixtures, jelly babies, dark chocolate ginger (dairy free), dark chocolate mint creams…. omg just writing down all these different sweets is making me dribble all over my computer (I know, not a pretty sight).

Enjoy, the calorie free cyber versions:




  1. Oooh – look at all those white jellybeans in there. I want them, I want them!!!

  2. that’s the trouble with coming in at the tail end of the week, hey Sara? It’s all been blogged, or said, or commented already.

    Still puzzling over what I will blog about tomorrow.

  3. Marshmellows! oh yum yum yum, and Jelly Babies! When Tom Baker was Dr Who I would get these cravings for Jelly Babies that I couldn’t stop (mind you I was 5 and well lollies would send me hypo). It’s amazing how quickly you are influenced by what you see on television.

  4. I wouldn’;t mind reading another post about potatoes. Potatoes rock! ^_^

    But hey, who doesn’t like a bit of food pr0n?

  5. Oh, no! I’m so sorry about the potato disaster! If you ever come over to my house, I’ll roast a big batch of potatoes to make it up to you.

    I had marshmallows today–all I needed was a nice crackling fire to go with them.

  6. Amanda, you got me onto the white ones, so no you can’t have them. My fav are the very dark ones… yum!!!!

  7. It’s ok Vanessa…… sweets are just as good….. actually a plate of fries and mayo followed by some chocolate ginger….. does it get any better?????

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