Posted by: Kiki | May 13, 2009

You Want Me To Go Back To What?

High school reunions are strategically placed at an exact time where some people can show off their triumphs while others are at the bottomless pit of their misery. I don’t know who calculated this, but it seems reunions always have this infallible timing.

Why do we do it? For one reason or another, we’re glad we’ve moved on from our high school selfves. We’ve become smarter, more accomplished, more experienced. Okay, so most of us wouldn’t fit into our prom dresses or school uniforms, but really, is that such a great loss?

We’ve moved on with our lives, recreated ourselves for better or worse.
Then we go back to high school.
There’s the jock hottie, now sporting an unattractive beer bulge. The haughty school princess, still annoyingly perfect, but with that hard edge around her mouth. The multimillionaire geek. The made-over former wallflower. And the absent friend who died while we weren’t looking.
No matter who you are and where you went to school, if you go to a high school reunion, you will find at least some of these archetypes. Maybe you’re lucky enough to see several. Maybe you are one yourself, even (except for the dead one, maybe).

When I left high school, the pretty committee, aka the nice and popular ones, asked me to sign their mailing list so they could keep me up to date with reunions. I laughed in their faces.
I am proud to say I haven’t seen anyone from my high school since I turned my back on them, except for one person who I am actually friends with.

But don’t take my word for it. A lot of people are talking about high school reunions on Twitter. Here are some choice quotes:

Just realized that I’ve yet to write a post about my weekend o’ lust with my HS bf-talk about a reunion!

I can visualize myself lighter…now to make it happen by ny HS reunion(so hope I can go)…

Listening to my wife plan a HS reunion reminds me why I didn’t run for office back then…that, apathy and a disdain for poster board signs.

I’m collecting Tweets referring to me as “hot” and will pass them around to girls at my HS reunion this July. HAHA UP YOURS!

Officially feel old got mail for 35th high school reunion. I didn’t hang with ’em in hs why would I pay money to do it now?


How about you? If you were to go to a high school reunion this year, which reunion cliche would you be?



  1. Hey, Kiki. I haven’t kept up with anyone from high school. I’m curious about how everyone turned out. I know I’m a totally different (hopefully better) person now that I was between 13 and 17 – thank goodness!

  2. If I was going to a high school reunion this year, I’d wear my bat wings!!! I think I’d just want to enforce people’s high school opinions of me being just a little (or a lot) strange!

    My memories of my actual high school reunion will be posted on Sunday. And I didn’t take a camera.

  3. There is no chance in hell I’d go to a reunion. If I really cared about these people, I’d still be in touch with them!

    I do chat to a couple, but on the whole I couldn’t care a less about most (sounds harsh but I went to an all girls Catholic school – either play the game or be eaten alive).

    I wouldn’t want to be a teenager again. Maybe many of the people I went to school with have changed, but I don’t care enough to find out. Miaow.

    A friend of mine from school got requests from HS friends on Facebook, but when she’d previously seen these people at a function of another friend, these people had ignored her (as they did in HS). Funny how some people are like that…

  4. Vanessa, it’s great to see you have such a positive attitude! Plus, you could go wearing that fabulous dress of yours.

    Diane, I’d love to see you go in bat wings, that’d be so awesome.

    Monique, you’re a girl after my own heart.

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