Posted by: Diane Curran | May 17, 2009

Why my year will never have another reunion

It looks like I may be the only We Love YA blogger to actually have attended a school reunion.  Why did I go?  Curiosity mainly, plus I was still in touch with three of my high school friends at the time, and we went as a group. Safety in numbers.

The first indication that it was going to be bad was the fact that we missed the 10 year anniversary of our escape from the school, and reunited in the eleventh year instead.

I wanted to see whether my fellow students had lived up to the expectations of the school, or whether they’d chosen a completely different path like mine.  There were the usual doctors, lawyers, defence personnel.

The reunion was held at the school in the MPC (which stood for multi-purpose centre i.e school hall, gym all in one). That was most likely a bad move. There was only crappy finger food and copious amounts of alcohol. And many of the former students reverted back to Year Ten or Eleven, or whichever year they’d been on their worst behaviour.

I rarely drink. And I don’t remember drinking on this occasion. I think there was a band but I’m really not sure. I”ve blacked it out, not because I was drunk, but because it was a really bad night. But I do remember how it ended, and I remember how appalled I was by the behaviour.

Someone turned on the fire hose. In the hall. And soaked the wooden floor. I still have the image of one of the popular girls, hiking up her skirt and sliding across the water on her knees as it if was a water slide. It seems that some people never grow up. And it wouldn’t matter how many years had passed, there’s no change from Yr 10 to Yr 28.

Our year has not had another reunion since. As far as I’m aware. And I doubt they’d allow our year back on the school grounds. Not en masse. And certainly nowhere near a fire hose.

I do not have any photographic evidence of that night. And I’m sure some people are thankful for that.



  1. Wow, what a strange reunion!
    Good to see that certain people just never grow up. Maybe if you peak in high school, you’ll always feel nostalgic for those years?

    I do wish there was photo evidence though.

  2. Gee, aren’t you glad you went, Diane? 😉 I imagine, if my class of 1990 had a reunion, we’d have it at our MPS and not somewhere classy. (Ours was a multipurpose *shelter*.)

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