Posted by: Natalie Hatch | May 19, 2009

New Romantics?

I grew up with music blasting in my house, from ABBA, ACDC, to Pussycat and Tom Jones. If Mum was cleaning the house rocked (and that was usually every hour of the day). So it was no surprise that when I hit the infamous tween years I explored all sorts of music. The Jam, The Clash, Haircut 100, Adam and the Ants, Duran Duran, some Ramones, and the list goes on. I thought today I’d highlight just a few of my favourites.

First of all let’s have a look at perhaps one of the best, The Clash.

They were full of  distrust of society, and rocked out to songs of anti war (Rock the Casbah), civil rights (Know your Rights), Should I Stay or Should I Go, and my favourite London Calling which has the boys telling us that following sociey rules doesn’t make you happy. I can remember many a time when I was having a few issues with fitting in at school etc and the Clash would save me. I could yell their songs at the top of my voice and get the frustration out.

The boys put out a whole string of songs and then after the split formed another band Big AudioDynamite (another absolute Favourite).

Next up is Duran Duran… all I have to say is that my girlfriends and I were in luuurv big time with these fluffy haired wonders. I was marrying John Taylor, Cathy my BFF was marrying Simon Le Bon and Nat was marrying Roger Taylor (but when he got married she settled for Nik Rhodes – LOL). These guys burst onto the Aussie charts in 1981 and  I couldnt get over how Simon danced… loved it. The Pants in this video clip are hilarious. But aside from that this band was IT for me, loved loved loved their sound (yes and was smitten, but hey I was young). Haahaaaahhaa, sorry just rewatching this video, the hair is very similar to styles that are getting around nowadays, I guess things come back in eventually.

They went to Rio, they were Hungry Like the Wolf, There was the Reflex (which I still havent worked out what its all about)… the list is endless. And there were a myriad of other bands that followed in their wake, Spandau Ballet (the hair, the hair) being the most obvious one. These boys lived the life of a high profile all male pop band (that could actually play their own instruments) – oh dear I just re-read that last sentence sorry, sorry.

They’re still around today, performing all over the world. But I haven’t got to one of their concerts yet, YET.

Now here’s an icon, Adam and the Ants.  When this song came out, New Romantics exploded into my world. The face makeup, the leather pants, the hair (I swear it’s all about the hair people).  That music’s lost it’s taste, such a land of the flavour… Ant Music! Here have a look.

Culture Club turned up and my brother was convinced the singer was a girl, it was quite a shock to us all when they announced he was a boy. And then came Wham… I can’t get away with not showing this can I? Nope you need to listen to the song that got stuck in my head for years, even today it haunts. The Flouro clothes, the Hair! Again with the Hair, and we all thought Andrew Ridgley was gay, when George Michael came out I was personally devastated because if John Taylor wasn’t available then he was next on my list.

Hope you can get it out of your head, Wham were at the end of the New Romantics short lived era. These songs came out when I was at my most impressionable, and helped me shape the world.

Who was your favourite? I know I’ve left out a thousand other great bands, but these were the ones I had to share with you.

Oh sorry I had to add to this post… how on earth could I have forgotten MADNESS!!!!!????  Oh dear, sorry sorry sorry, I will include Madness, they were awesome and their music keeps me going on the treadmill today.


  1. Fun bands. My best friend’s cousin was in Adam & the Ants (Garry). He was also in Roxy Music for a while.

    So now you’re 4 degrees of separation from Adam Ant & Bryan Ferry.

    I almost saw Duran Duran in concert in the 80s. Except I got grounded. Got home from a party at 2am, and got grounded for a month for every hour I was late. So my boyfriend took someone else to the concert. 😦

    Speaking of Boy George, in my long straight hair teen days, I could dress up as him. And there’s no photo evidence of that, thankfully

  2. Wow. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Natalie. My fav band ever during the 80’s was the UK trio Johnny Hates Jazz. Chicago was also high on my list! Oh no! Now You’re The Inspiration is running in my head ….

  3. No way Di! Kevin Bacon strikes again! LOL. Bummer about the concert.
    Lesley I thought you’d like to revive old memories. I just loved the boofy hair, everyone of those clips has huge hair except Madness and The Clash. To be a proper New Romantic you had to have the bouffant!

  4. Great post, Nat!

    I was so jealous when my older sister saw Duran Duran back in November 1982 at Festival Hall in Brisbane. Every inch of my bedroom, including the ceiling, was plastered in DD pictures. Simon Le Bon, mostly.

  5. Neat clips!
    I’m always surprised at how much 80s music I actually know. it just goes to show that you can’t help but be exposed to certain songs, whether you want to or not.
    Even though I didn’t know *all* the songs you posted…

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