Posted by: Natalie Hatch | May 25, 2009

You Did What For Money?

That title was just to suck you in, don’t go thinking anything baaaad.  What jobs did I have as a teen, other than mowing the lawn etc.

My first job was as a waitress in a roadhouse. I lasted one month but felt really really awkward at  serving some people. I then went and found a job as a hairdressing assistant. I swept hair, cleaned the sinks, helped roll perms up, and that sort of thing. I lasted four months before they had to let me go as there was not enough work. I then did odd jobs around the place to get money. My friends got jobs at Woolworths and KMart. It was lousy money, I think I earned $3.50 an hour back then, and after tax I’d get about $2.80 an hour or something dismal.

Having a job not only gave me a little bit of money, it helped me in developing a good work ethic. I know you probably hear this from parents all the time, but it’s important for teens to learn good work ethic early so that they can progress in society/life. If you know how to work, how to interact with people, how to communicate, then you’re soo much better off than the other kid who doesn’t.

This is only a short blog as I’ve finally pushed past a writers block and my characters are wanting me to tell the rest of their story. Yeehaa.

What about you, what was your first job?

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