Posted by: Diane Curran | May 31, 2009

Anyone for doughnuts?

My first job as a teen doesn’t really count. It only lasted one night and I didn’t end up doing any work. So what went wrong? I was hired to be the assistant to a guy making wedding videos on the side of his normal job. I was to hold the lights. Well, the first wedding we went to, he had not obtained approval for lights to be in the church, so I sat in the car while he filmed the ceremony. I guess after that, he decided he didn’t need an assistant after all because I have no recollection of going on another job.

I applied to work at McDonalds but didn’t end up taking the job. Anything that would interfere with my attendance at the theatre group (and we met on Thursday afternoons which ruled out any retail job) was rejected. Theatre was my number one job.

So my first real job ended up being in the holidays after my HSC before I started University. A four week stint at the iconic harbourside Luna Park.

Luna Park

I started in one of the takeaway outlets, then was transferred to the doughnut stall.  I spent my day making and selling doughnuts. Do you know if you don’t put enough oil in the doughnut machine they come out all misshapen and crunchy? Quite like them like that. I made cinnamon doughnuts and iced doughnuts with sprinkles on top. I learned to get to a job on time. And my Volkswagen learned the way to Luna Park and over the Harbour Bridge by heart. At the end of the four weeks, I declined an ongoing part-time position. I lived too far away to fit in the job with an hour and half commute each way to University each day. But the whole time I worked there, I didn’t go on a single ride.

I went back to Luna Park when it reopened again in 1994. It was with a work group and the first thing they headed for was the Big Dipper, me lagging behind already protesting. I pointed  to the sign that said ‘if you’re pregnant, you cannot ride’, saying ‘guys, there’s something I haven’t told you”, but I still ended up on the ride. OMG! No one told me the bloody thing went upside down and I felt like my guts had fallen out. Never again! I am not a roller coaster girl.

The best part of the night was ramming my boss on the dodgem cars. Yes, I worked out a lot of residual stress that way. It was a fabulous way for our team at work to bond. And I’d higly recommend it.

What great work excursions have you had?



  1. I hear you about the upside down thingy!

  2. Mmm, doughnuts!

    I’ve been on a few work Christmas parties aboard river boats. The best one coincided with a fireworks display over the Brisbane River. The only bad thing about parties on boats is that you can’t sneak home early if things get ugly.

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