Posted by: Vanessa Barneveld | June 4, 2009

The Hare, the Tortoise and the Cat


Oh, hi. My name’s Possum. I’m Vanessa’s adorable cat. Today Vanessa was supposed to blog about how fast a writer she is, but instead she’s been forced to clean the mess her builder left behind.

As her constant companion (ie. supervisor), I can report Vanessa is very much a hare as opposed to a tortoise. She once wrote a 50,000-word book in two weeks! When she’s on a roll, she can write eight hours straight. This displeases me, because sometimes she forgets I need regular pats, cuddles, games and snacks.

I much prefer it when Vanessa’s in tortoise mode, because that’s when I seize control of her computer.


How about you? Are you likely to break any records in terms of writing speed?



  1. Oh, you are very very cute Possum. Do you help your mum edit as well, like my cat Dorkus?

  2. Diane, I do cast an eye over her work when I have time. She’s not too bad, although she keeps putting dogs in her stories, not cats.

    ~ Possum

  3. Hi, Possum,
    My chair buddy (i.e. supervisor) is named Figaro. He, too, gets annoyed when I am on a roll. I once vomited (no other word for it) 80K words in two weeks. The cleanup process is still ongoing. Figs is not happy. Neither are his canine play toys.

  4. Hi, Pat! Great to see another 2009 Golden Heart finalist here keeping Mum company. We are extremely impressed by your 80K feat. It’s great when a story (or a furball) just *has to* come out.

    Good luck with the cleanup and super good luck in the GH final round!

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