Posted by: Natalie Hatch | June 12, 2009

Doug McLeod’s “Siggy and Amber”

From the book blurb:   There is something strange at Tallis Point. Siggy knows, because he’s seen it. And now the mysterious, non-blonde Amber want to see it too.Should Siggy take Amber to Tallis Point? On the good side, he might end up with a girlfriend. On the bad side, he might explode. It’s a tough decision.

Doug McLeod has tapped into the mind of a teenage boy who wishes for love to descend upon him, or something like that, anything really, to make life a bit more normal. This from a kid who sees ghosts and regularly hangs out in restricted military zones.

Siggy has a normal life, sort of. His mother works hard to provide for them. Siggy’s sister is an artist who’s ex-boyfriend won’t let up, and Siggy’s Highland dancing best friend is just trying to score with the hottest girl in school. Siggy wants to hook up with a girl, but not the average blonde that seems available. His wish is to find a girl who has substance, different from the rest.

When Siggy throws up on a mysterious brunette’s shoes, he thinks maybe he’s missed out on his one chance for love. But life throws up all sorts of surprises, and Siggy’s in store for a whole bucket load.

As I was reading the book  I was giggling. A great read, Doug Mcleod is certainly a talented writer. ‘Tumble Turn’ and ‘Sister Madge’s Book of Nuns’ are two examples of his dry wit and clever writing. Heartily enjoyed this book.

Now a major plot line of Siggy is the fact that he’s seen a ghost. We have a copy of “Siggy and Amber” to give away. All you have to do is tell us a ghost story, have you seen one? What happened? Unfortunately due to costs, this contest is limited to Australia and New Zealand entrants only.


  1. Oh ghost stories… no never seen a ghost, but when I was fifteen and at a slumber party held at a sugar cane farm, my mate who lived there told of a harrowing story about the gruesome death of someone who’d lived there before, and how his ghost could still be seen. Freaked us all out. Of course, it was a set-up, and when I was heading to bed and walking down the dark, curvy stairs he leapt out at me. Well, needless to say, I screamed a scream to rival any Hitchcock movie, fell to the ground clutching the rail as if my life depended on it – and everyone else dissolved into side-splitting laughter.

    I certainly hope I never come across a real ghost!

  2. sounds fantabulous!

  3. Oh Anita, I know how you feel, when we used to watch Dr Who at night as a kid my dad would hide behind the couch and jump out at us. Nearlly peed my pants a few times when the Daleks came on.
    Angela it is a good read.

  4. Good evening, Did you have a happy Haloween?

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