Posted by: sarahantz | July 11, 2009


I’ve entered very few contests in my writing career, a couple of USA, an Australian, and a couple of NZ.  Not for any particular reason,  I think they’re a great way to get your work in front of an agent or editor. The one contest that stands out in my mind, mainly because at the time I had no idea what a ‘big’ thing happened to me, was an American one I entered about five years ago. I was writing chick lit and it was the first book I’d written. I didn’t final, but a really famous author at the bottom of my entry gave me her agent’s (big agent!) email and referred me to her. I was pleased, but too new in the industry to realise how awesome it was. I got in touch with the agent and she looked at some of my work but didn’t take me on.  If only it had happened a few years later I’d have done a lot more celebrating 🙂



  1. And what is stopping you now from getting in touch with said agent? You’ve come a long way in five years my girl.

  2. Nothing, Sandie if I was writing what she represented and I was looking for an agent 🙂

  3. Wow, Sara–what a great compliment that is! What happened to that book? Is it something you’ll dig up again in future?

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