Posted by: Diane Curran | July 26, 2009

Writing Goals

While my aim is to be a published writer, if I set that as my goal, I may only end up disappointed.

So instead, I set as goals the parts of the writing business that are in my control: the writing, the editing, the submitting. Hopefully, publication will be an end result of this process, but having made pie-in-the-sky predicitions before that I would be published before a certain big birthday rolled around, and then watching it roll around and go right pass me, I have made a conscious decision to no longer set goals that are outside my control and rely on other people’s actions, decisions, even their taste.

Write Edit Submit is my mantra for this year.

write edit submit 6

And I’ve been doing all of that, with my most recent submission mailed last Wednesday. Contest entries have also been sent, and are in preparation, and I’m about to start a round of queries. Throughout all, I keep writing and editing.

The rest will follow. As long as I keep doing my job: write, edit, submit.

So what are your writing goals?


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