Posted by: Natalie Hatch | July 27, 2009

Who moved the Goal posts?

So this week we are looking at goals, how you set them, why you should, how to achieve etc, etc.

For me as a teen I used to hear my teachers say I needed to set goals or else I would continually fail, and it would go in one ear and out the other. I couldn’t be bothered and really why write something down when in all honesty you didn’t really want to do what it said anyway?

Ahh the apathy. But then when I was a little older someone sat me down, can’t remember who it was (sorry), and showed me how to set a realistic goal and how to fulfil it. It was another light bulb moment in my life. I had tried setting goals before but I was setting the bar way too high and when I failed to achieve them then I just reaffirmed to myself that I couldn’t do it. But this friend showed me how to break a big goal down into managable pieces that I could comfortably achieve.

I took a big goal, like writing a novel, and cut it down into bite size pieces. Perhaps a chapter/scene at a time. Achieve that and then move onto the next goal, and the next, until all the goals were done and I had actually fulfilled something that I never thought I could.

So I learned that Goals are wishes written down and broken down into manageable tasks that I set a time limit on. I can do A + B in one sitting, but if I try to do A,B,C,D,E…Z all at once I get overwhelmed. Does that happen to you? Do you want to achieve something but it’s too much at once? Why not see if you can break it down a bit, find the segments/steps you can achieve in stages and stick with it until you’re done.

A goal is a wish written down. So why not get writing? What have you got to lose?



  1. This resonated with me – it was the only way to finish my novel and not go mad. Now I’m learning how to apply that to my new business and boy, is it important.

    So much fear is involved with writing, we have the evil inner critic sniping away and the procrastination demon at our heels. Feeling like we’re at the bottom of an insurmountable mountain doesn’t help either!

    Thanks for the reminder :o)

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