Posted by: Natalie Hatch | August 25, 2009

The Wrong Grave by Kelly Link

Hi everyone, I had the opportunity last week to read “The Wrong Grave” a collection of short stories by Kelly Link. It’s published here in Oz by Text Publishing, available now. I normally don’t go for short stories as such, but Kelly has a way with words that is mesmerising. The first story of which the book is titled really threw me a six. I enjoyed the twists and turns in the story and would heartily recommend this book to readers who want something a little different.

She is definitely an author that I will keep an eye out for (not because I think she’s going to send zombies after me or anything).

I have one chapter to go on my current work in progress, a Girl Space Pirate adventure, which started out pretty adventurous but has evolved into more angst than I had predicted. I was surprised at how things happened. I’m a plotter and I like to have the story mapped out but be flexible enough to change here and there in case something better comes along. But as I was writing Lenni’s story she had her own ideas of who she was and how she reacted to things I threw at her. It’s only a first draft, there’s a whole lot to fix up with grammar (cough cough punctuation! – my nemesis) and description etc but I’ve just reread it and I like it.  I just hope my beta readers do too. It’s got romance, revenge, death and redemption all thrown in together, oh and piracy, there has to be a pirate every now and again.

The thing is, I can’t come up with a decent title. I never am good with these things, but this story has no title except Girl Space Pirate… Maybe I should hold a contest and give away a book or two to whoever can come up with the best title.

I do have a copy of The Wrong Grave to give away to Australian/New Zealand commenters (I still don’t have enough money to send a book overseas sorry to our wonderful overseas readers). If you can come up with a whizbang title I’d be very grateful.



  1. I’m not good at this either Nat, but maybe something will stir up your own Title Muses:
    – Space Pirate Gal
    – Space Pirate Chick
    – Pirates in space
    – Space Pirates
    – Galaxy Pirate
    – Wanted: Pirating in Space.

  2. I think it always helps if the title reflects a theme in the book or main character. Is this a one off book or is it the first of many using your heroine? You could create a new concept like ‘spirate’ for space pirates. ‘Pigtails in space’ for a broad female appeal. Is she tough and outgoing, a kick butt kinda girl with more of a masculinity about her? If so then a title more along the lines of a gender neutral nature would perhaps be more appropriate, “the blue eyed spirate”. Other suggestions, ‘Spirate Lass’, Shiver me astroid belt’, “Galaxy Gal’, ‘Solor Pirates Beware’, ‘Spirate Wench for hire’, (insert character name here) space pirate extraordinaire. It’s a bit hard without a synopsis of the book. Good luck!!

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