Posted by: Kiki | September 2, 2009

The ultimate indulgence

romantic_benchWe all have times when we’re feeling under the weather, be it from exams, work stress or just one of those bugs that keep floating around. It’s time for a little r n’ r to get us back on our feet

And what better way to relax than with a good read? Whether you get your fiction fix on paper, digitally, through your headphones or by watching a movie, nothing makes us feel quite as cared for as a good story.

Especially one with a happily ever after.

I wish, wish, wish books without a happy ever after (or HEA, as it’s often called in certain writing circles) came with a warning. I’m not talking about tear-jerkers that put you through the emotional wringer throughout the story. I’m talking about the ones where all book you’re hoping the girl gets her perfect guy and then he dies.

Not cool, people! Just not cool!

Seriously, if I want stories that end badly, I can watch the news or ring my girlfriends. When I get my fiction fix, I want to know I’m safe with the author. That no matter how long and arduous the journey is, the heroine, and therefor I, will be safe and happy in the end. Maybe things don’t turn out the way they were supposed to, but there should be happiness in the end. A sense of a brighter future.

I don’t want to invest several hours in an emotional ride, then be left unhappy and unsatisfied.

What warning would you want on a book so you know what you’re not getting? or on the flipside, what would you want to be told about *is* in the book?



  1. A certain vampire novel should have come with a warning sticker: HOT SEXUAL TENSION IN FIRST 3 BOOKS LEAD-UP TO THIS FIZZLE-OUT SEQUEL


    and definitely: “BEWARE: MUTANT BABY DELIVERY VIA C-SECTION BY VAMPIRE” Completely gross!


    Bitter much? no, not me.

    I was so peeved off at the ending of Oscar and Lucinda that I threw it across the room. I read it before the movie came out but maybe it should have a label saying “MOVIE STARS CATE BLANCHETT AND RALPH FEINNES. DO YOU REALLY EXPECT A HAPPY ENDING?”

  2. Oooh yes. “sucky sequel” should definitely be a warning sticker.

    And I love the “movie stars” label. So true!

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