Posted by: Natalie Hatch | September 7, 2009


In keeping with this weeks theme of helping Diane overcome her Caffiene addiction I thought I would talk about some things that I am addicted to.

First of all is Hula Hooping! I love love love hooping it up. The feeling of a hoop spinning around your waist is just funny and I can’t stop smiling as I do it. While this isn’t a bad addiction like some it does become an obsession after a while. But the benefits are worth it. Some great hooping sites on line have videos you can watch and stores you can order hoops from. is the major stop off point if you want to have a looksy.

Chocolate is another addiction that I had overcome but in recent weeks have started to slip back into. I hadn’t had chocolate for over 14yrs but with a high cholesterol reading my Dr ordered me to have two pieces of dark chocolate (85% cocoa) per day for two months. Oh dear… chocolate was my downfall, so I am desperately looking forward to the end of these two months so I can resist Cadbury’s creamy milk chocolate filled with caramel…. I must not think about it, must not thhhhiiinnnnnk…

A third addiction I have is Weis ‘Mango Bars’… these beautiful mango and cream icecreams are sooo delicious. I really really really love them, but try to avoid them as much as possible because I cannot resist them.

What are your addictions?



  1. Hi Natalie, Just come across your Blog. Great idea to band a group of YA writers Together.
    My addictions? I too love Chocolate especially sucking on jaffas at the movies.

  2. Is there any of that Weis Mango Bar left?

  3. Nope not a bit Michael, it’s all mine! Nothing better than a cold Weis bar on a hot hot day. Salivating now.

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