Posted by: Natalie Hatch | September 8, 2009

Brisbane Writers Festival Frenzy

This week marks the start of the Brisbane Writers Festival, an event that I absolutely love. Yes another of my addictions. Soo many authors/poets/publishers all in attendance sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for books with the world.

On Saturday yours truly will be attending the Childrens and Young Adult Writers Conference. I am sooo excited. I love this conference. The focus on YA books/writing is great. This year I have volunteered to help Tina, Ally and the crew (which means I get a T-shirt! Cool as).  There are great authors running workshops such as:

Jackie French is teaching how to create sellable middle grade chapter books.

Paul Collins, founder of Ford Street Publishing, is doing an all day workshop on Advanced World Building… ohhh so wish I could slip into that one, but I will have a chance to have a look. Paul has a wealth of knowledge, I just wish I could suck the information out of his brain and use it in increasing my own writing skills.

Scott Monk is teaching how to write a breakout YA novel (this is on my to attend list).

And there are soo many more workshops, the folks on the CYA committee have outdone themselves this year. I will be taking photos and stalking authors for the blog. Will report back with a big grin.



  1. sounds great, Nat. Wish I could get there!

  2. I am getting sooo excited. Can’t wait.

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