Posted by: Kiki | September 9, 2009

Addicted to adventure

451381_old_lockIt’s addiction week here at We Love YA, and we’re sharing our deepest, darkest secrets. okay, not really, but we’re talking addictions, whether they be food, fun or otherwise.

My (not so secret) addiction is adventure. That doesn’t have to mean Indy-style swings over snake pits or exploring dark, dank caves looking for treasure (although those are certainly good options).

I’m talking about the adventure in the everyday. Getting lost wandering around your home town. Going someplace you’ve never been to before, eating foods you’ve never tried, doing things you never thought you might be into.

It’s not about plunging headlessly ahead, but the heady rush of something new, something exciting. It makes me feel alive and happy that there is still more world out there for me to see.treasure_map

I love adventure in my reading, too. It’s hard to find a good adventure that really takes you ona  trip, creates a new world for you and takes you there. But when you find that magical book, you’re going to treasure it. until the adventure is gone and you’re looking for the next thrill.

What about you? Are you an adventure junkie? Or do you prefer the comfort of the tried and true?


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