Posted by: Natalie Hatch | September 19, 2009

Review: Grace by Morris Gleitzman

I was lucky enough to receive this book in the mail a couple of weeks ago and due to family dramas hadn’t time to read it. So yesterday I went through the TBR pile (which seems to be growing), handed it to Miss13 and asked her to have a read for me.

Um, should I have done that? Well I’ll let you be the judge. Miss13 is a sporty little thing, and usually doesn’t read much at all. She’d rather be hula hooping in the backyard or doing flips on the trampoline than reading. But something happened when she opened the first page.

Miss13 transformed into a bookworm right in front of my face. Well… no actual metamorphosis took place, I mean she didn’t descend into a blubbering mess or anything. Instead she ate her dinner while holding the book in one hand, she did her chores with the book in her hand, I had to stop her from taking it into the bath with her (we’ve lost a book years ago due to water + paper = soggy mess).

The girl who doesn’t read much, read until the end. In one sitting Miss13 devoured the story.  So my guess is Mr Gleitzman is onto something here.  Apparently when I just asked her what she liked so much about the book her reply was “I don’t know, Grace just tries to keep her family together and tests her faith to see if God really is there. I like the way that she doesn’t give up. It’s a good book, just read it and you’ll see.”

That is high praise indeed. I asked her if she wanted to write a quick review for me, but that sounded too much like homework. Instead she told me to tell everyone it’s a great story and she really really liked it.

So what is it about Mr Gleitzman’s story telling abilities that pull children helplessly into books and keeps them mesmerised for hours when they should be vegetating infront of a computer/television?  I think he gets to the heart of the problem his characters have to face. For Grace it’s her faith in the religion her parents are involved with, does she really believe?

Morris Gleitzman you’ve written a great book, thank you, your hug is in the mail.

Grace was released by Penguin in August 2009, and gets two very big thumbs up from my daughter. So now I’m going to go read in the bath (sans soggy pages) and find out just what he’s done to mesmerise my child.



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