Posted by: Diane Curran | October 4, 2009

The party wind down

I can hear Khe Sanh playing which means the party for Steph is winding up, last drinks are being called, and it’s almost time to leave.  I’m sure Khe Sanh is completely wrong – so perhaps Steph can tell us what the last song played at a 15 year old party is. Or do the party’s just never end?

But  **drumroll** this is not the last you will see of Steph as she has agreed to become a contributor to the We Love YA blog.

Ellie Royce is also joining the blog line-up, so we have even more reasons to party!

Welcome Steph and Ellie.

Plus we have another reason to celebrate.  Our blog is heading up the charts with a bullet, to land at Number 30 of the Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers compiled by Jonathan Crossfield. Woohoo! In his blog update, Jonathan notes We Love YA’s spectacular rise by 55 places, only leapfrogged by Simmone Howell’s Post-Teen Trauma with a jump of 56 places. Let’s hear it for Young Adult Fiction!

For our final day of the Steph Bowe party, I just want to do a recap of how Steph got it so right:

1.  Steph is a writer front and foremost.  She doesn’t just talk about writing and wanting to be a writer. She WRITES. And writes again. And again. And then rewrites.

2. Steph hangs out with writers. These writers might not be in her immediate physical sphere but she has reached out through the internet and met many writers online. She had offered interviews, she has reviewed books.

3. Steph has sought beta-readers and critique partners. She has been open to feedback and she is used constructive feedback to make her fiction be the best it can be.

4. Steph has taken risks with her work. Instead of burying her words at the back of the hard-drive (and hopefully we’ll convince her never to delete anything ever again), she has been brave and sent her words out to other writers, contests and agents.

5. Steph didn’t leap in with eyes closed when the first offer of representation came in. She discussed it with her mum, she talked to each agent over the phone, and she consulted with others before coming to her final decision.

6. She joined the We Love YA blog. (Haha, only kidding, but we’re really glad to have her on board).

So that’s it for our Steph Bowe week, and I’m sure she’ll be back soon to announce a winner of her book giveaway – you still have time to enter here.


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