Posted by: Vanessa Barneveld | October 8, 2009

We Love New Team Members

The We Love YA universe is expanding! That’s right, two new stars have joined the blog–newly agented Steph Bowe and Ellie Royce, author of the “Letterbook” series.

So, what else is happening in the YA writing universe this week? Sourcebooks announced a brand-new imprint. Publicity director Heather Moore says Sourcebooks Fire will from March 2010 publish teen fiction of “all kinds,” such as mysteries, romances, thrillers and fantasy. Our Diane Curran has snaffled an interview with the imprint’s acquiring editor, Dan Ehrenraft.  Sourcebooks considers unagented manuscripts**, so if you’re ready to send your baby to editors, don’t miss Diane’s interview–coming soon!

And now something completely unrelated to writing, my favourite YouTube video of the week:

Happy Friday!

**UPDATE: Commenter Katie tells me this isn’t the case for the YA imprint. Check out the submission guidelines for YA and older MG books. (Thanks, Katie!)



  1. I love it. My cat’s clever, but he can’t do a trick like that.

  2. I’ll be looking forward to that interview. I emailed Deb over at Sourcebooks about the Fire line, asking if they took unagented mss for YA Romance. She forwarded me to Dan Ehrenraft who told us both that they weren’t as of this time. I was totally bummed. Maybe they’re just getting everything organized and ready to go!

  3. Oh, sorry, Katie! I’ll do a bit more investigating about the agented/unagented submissions. They have accepted unagented mss in the past… Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!

    Diane, my cat knows I’m a heavy sleeper and, according to my hubby, often drapes herself over my head in the dead of night.

  4. Katie, the Sourcebooks website still says they accept unsolicited/unagented works. I guess Dan Ehrenraft will clarify when he comes to visit us. Stay tooned!

  5. Welcome to Steph and Ellie!

  6. Ooooh!! See, when I emailed last week, the YA Submission info wasn’t on the website yet! Very exciting. Still looking forward to the interview, but for now, this is very promising. Thanks for the link!

  7. Uh, oh. It still says agented only for YA. Fingers and toes still crossed that he’ll say something different!

  8. Arggh! I wonder why that’s the case for YA. We shall soon find out… Thanks, Katie!

  9. Welcome Steph and Ellie!! Looking forward to reading your posts 🙂

  10. Welcome Steph and Ellie!

    Vanessa, that cat is amazing! I wonder what on earth is going though it’s mind. I won’t ask how you came across it. Someone must have sent you the think. I know you’re far too busy writing to search for cat videos!

  11. Happy New Year, Annie!

    My boss sent me the link actually! Sharing YouTube clips at work gives us a nice little break.

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