Posted by: Ellie Royce | October 13, 2009

Ellie Speaks!

Well hello out there! Thanks so much to all the team for including me in this blogfest, I feel this will be fun. First of all I’d better introduce myself, I’m Ellie Royce, YA writer and author of “The Letterbook” series published by ABC Books. Book One- “Amy’s Secret” and Book 2 “Passion for Fashion” were published in 2008. You can find out all about them at my website Currently I’m soooooooo close to finishing the latest WIP (work in progress) that my characters are actually waking me up at 2am to get up and go. And believe you me that’s pretty amazing. I love my sleep. I’m (sadly) not one of those amazing women who can work all day, put the five kids to bed, play with hubby and then get up at 3 am to write before they begin their day.(I wish! If only one didn’t need sleep how lovely the world would be…but then, how would we dream?)
But I digress. This comment does however bring me to my role model for this weeks blog. I have many writing idols, I’m quite the hero worshipper when I really really like someone’s work.I read everything from toilet roll packets to biographies to rock and roll lists to fiction so they are many and varied. My writing crushes include such luminaries as Enid Blyton, H.G Wells, Harper Lee, Louisa May Alcott,Robert Heinlen,Starhawk,Georgette Heyer,Nancy Mitford, PG Wodehouse, and Marian Keyes.Some fave YA crushes currently are Simmone Howell, Holly Black and of course anything Twlilight (although, ahem, my daughter would kill me if I didn’t make it perfectly clear that we read them AGES ago before the hype… ok darling? Good.) Unfortunately none of them was available for my blog today (although I will try and get you some interviews in the future so it’s not just ME evey week…) so I’ll start a bit closer to home.
Once upon a time in approximately 1887 in South Australia a young woman was born. She was christened Lucy Jane. In her mid teens, she married (as was the style in those days…) and moved to Wallaroo, a little country town on the Yorke Penninsula.Now, I think I have no time, but this woman had eight children, had to get up at dawn to milk cows and all the other impossible daily chores that would kill a modern softie like me. And imagine, SOMEHOW… this woman also ran a general store and so that she could induge in her unheard of love of writng and books, turned one corner of it into a lending library. She also somehow found time to write many children’s stories which were published by the local newspaper. In the late 1930’s the family moved to Adeliade where Lucy set up and ran a small inner city library until her husband died and she went to live with her son. I’m not sure what happened to the wrting then, but I think it may have been superseded by the many hours she spent in a secret and magical spot in the the Botanical Gardens – a huge, hollowed out tree where she would sit with her grandaughter and weave magical tales for hours at a time. Lucy’s grandaughter (my Mum) is a writer and published author. Lucy’s Great granddaughter (moi!) is a writer and published author. Lucy’s Great great granddaughter (my daughter) is a writer in the making and has just had her first magazine piece accepted conditionally for publication.Not only that but (as you can see from my aforementioned wide and omnivourous reading list) we are all lovers of books and slaves to the story-telling gene that must be in our DNA.
Thanks Lucy. Well done.



  1. Hey Ellie,
    Lucy sounds like a woman of substance, I wish I had her resilience. I come from a family of readers, voracious readers, kind of like mad library sharks, circling the SciFi/Fantasy shelves looking for new prey.

  2. Welcome to the ‘hood, Ellie! So glad you, an esteemed third-generation writer, have joined us. I’m really enjoying book 1 in the ‘Letterbook’ series so far! Congrats to your daughter on getting her article published.

    I’d love to go to Adelaide’s Botanical Gardens some day and seek out Lucy’s tree!

  3. Hey, Ellie, welcome to We Love YA. Which of course we do!

    What an absolutely fantastic post. Your story about Lucy gave me goosebumps. I love stories like that where the protagonist is kinda fated. You know, you’re like Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. Doomed to tell great stories for as long as you live. Hmm, can think of worse fates.

    Waving to the other WLYAers!!!!

    Congratulations on your books!

    Anna x

  4. Welcome Ellie to We Love YA. Great blog post. So interesting to hear how the writing gene is/has obviously been passed on.


  5. Thanks so much everyone for making me welcome. Er.. sorry about the typos etc- I was in a bit of hurry before work. I knew I was going to write about Nanna Nanna at 2 am this morning (that was our name for her)but still managed to run late with the actual. I do know how to spell(I do, I do!)
    Natalie- how well I know that circling for new food- and yes, she was quite a woman. She had a good sense of humour too- forgot to put that in!
    Vanessa- you’re reading my BOOK?
    You so rock.
    Anna- I think I’m going to email my daughter about your Aragorn comment. So cool. That is my life in a nutshell- and you’re right- I can think of way worse fates.
    Dee- thanks for the comment, maybe someone should do a study on this kind of thing one day- could save us all a lot of wasted time doing stuff we’re not designed for!!

  6. Welcome to We Love YA, Ellie! What a great story about your family. I don’t have a writing gene in my family, but I’m very sure I inherited a wicked sense of humour from my mum. And from what I can remember, my gran had it too.

  7. Ellie, I am indeed reading your (first) book. The twist in the opening pages sent me reeling–good one!

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