Posted by: Vanessa Barneveld | October 15, 2009

Idol Worship

Every generation has its heart throbs. Today everyone’s favourite undead hero, Rob Pattinson, sends pulses racing. Twenty years ago, I fell for Rob Lowe’s dimples. He’s still got IT, if you ask me. If I were alive in the ‘60s, Robert Redford’s arresting blue eyes would’ve put me in a dead faint. Hmm, I’m seeing a pattern here. Are you?

I’m going to give you clues as to my vintage today with a parade of all the famous boys I’ve loved before. They didn’t love me back, but I’m okay with that now thanks to years of therapy.

Johnny Depp circa 1988, 21 Jump Street.
How’s this for tragic? I used to take photos of him off the TV. Stupid, huh? The images always came out blue and blurry. The picture above is a professional publicity shot for the movie Cry Baby.

Cry me a River Phoenix.
Gone too soon. Ironically, tragically, he overdosed outside of Johnny Depp’s Viper Room.

James Dean.
Okay, that horrible car accident claimed him well before I was born, but I could still appreciate his talent…and smouldering good looks.

Corey Haim.
Oh, that slack jaw and floppy hair! I think my tastes have definitely matured, though.

Now, this guy is no George Clooney, but from the reactions of the people in this ad, he might as well be:

Who was your celebrity crush when you were growing up?


  1. Christopher Atkins when I was really young.

    Clark Gable from when I saw Gone with the Wind at 13 (still adore watching Clark movies)

    Rick Springfield.

    Alex Smith (Moving Pictures)

    and then in my twenties, all the hunks on Melrose Place (except for puppy dog Billy)

    But the question is Vanessa, did you see the famous Rob Lowe video? I did.

  2. LOL great post! Johnny Depp – YUM!

    Hmm.. growing up. Okay, 5 years old, I was totally crushing on the guy who played Jason, the red ranger from Power Rangers.

    Then in the Titanic days it was ALL about Leondario Dicaprio. I had folders of magazine cutouts and pictures that I’d found. I had all his movies, one or two biography video tapes and poster books… anything I could get my hands on. The days of obsession LOL.

    I had a thing for Paul Walker for year or so when The Fast and the Furious came out. But suffice it to say those days are over. I’m all about Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural these days. Those boys can come knocking on my doorstep any day of the week 😉

  3. I can’t spell, I meant *Leonardo!

  4. Hey im 17 and i don’t think Rob Pattison is hott, i know many do but i for one do not. I do like your Johnny Depp, ooo man he makes me smoulder, he is my #1 celebrity crush!!! Hott, hott , hott!!! Also i adore Scott Michael Foster(Greek), and Rob Dyrdek(Skateboarder, Rob and Big, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory)!! What about Patrick Swayze, was pretty FINE himself!!! 🙂

  5. Hi, Diane.

    I didn’t mind Billy in Melrose. Of course, Grant Show (can’t remember his character name) was the main hunk for me.

    I didn’t see Rob Lowe’s infamous video. Not sure I want to…. 😉

  6. Brodie, you have excellent taste. Jensen Ackles is mighty fine! I’ve never seen the Power Rangers unmasked–I will have to do some investigating.

  7. Cassie, Rob Pattinson looks great in certain angles. I reckon Thomas in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ is Pattinson-esque, only better-looking:

    Thanks for commenting!

  8. Oh Johnny, Johnny, for sure- the man just gets better with age and heres a question for all you er… more mature ladies… you know you’re getting old and life is getting wierd when your teenage daughters are crushing on the same guy (not in a creepy way… he’s old enough to be their Dad…oooher I’ve gone all funny now…)
    here’s some more of mine

    the young Sidney Poitier (to Sir with Love? Yes PLEASE!)

    Robert Plant (Rock God, nuff said)

    John Corbett (in his Northern Exposure days.)

    On Robert Pattinson- I liked him better as Diggory- at least he was allowed more than one facial expression. (yeah- I went there!!!)

    Go Team Jacob!LOL!!!!

  9. Hi, Ellie! Oooh, you and Cassie sure are brave in taking shots at Rob Pattinson!

    John Corbett just hasn’t aged one bit. Nor has Johnny. Good genes…or something more sinister???? Personally, I think it’s genetics and good lighting.

  10. Rick Springfield, I cried when I saw him die in Battlestar Galactica… I was four I think. Huge crush on him even then, weird. Loved Leif Garrett when I was 4 as well.
    Loved the Intel guy in that commercial, how cool is that. Geek Love Baby! Geek Love.

  11. Oh yeah- I forgot my very first love- he’s just made a mighty reurn to our TV screens-
    MARINE BOY! (Yes, not only fictional but a cartoon to boot- sigh- who says my grip on reality is frail….) I used to play that I was Neptina (his half fish crush- he wan’t species predjudiced) for HOURS. You know legs crossed, flopping about mermaid style.. you don’t? Oh. Well….

  12. Nat, speaking of Battlestar Galactica, were you a Starbuck or an Apollo girl? I could never decide… Did you watch Rick Springfield on General Hospital or whatever soap he starred in?

  13. Ellie, I have to admit ignorance and say I’d never heard of Marine Boy! Is that bad? But after your description, I had to hunt him down! This is just for you:

  14. Oh Vanessa, I’m cryin’. The funniest thing was when they put him back on the telly I knew the whole intro song word for word even though I hadn’t heard it for like …ohhh about 35 years? Ah , Marine Boy…. you knew where you stood with a boy like that.

  15. ps- I loved the Banana Splits too!(Although not in a crushy idol worshippy way…)

  16. Ellie, it’s strange how these things stick in your head, isn’t it? I’m no good at remembering lyrics, though, even for songs I really like!

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