Posted by: Natalie Hatch | October 20, 2009

Time? What time?

The topic for this week is where do you find the time to write. Well I can tell you now that with 5 kids, plus work, plus study, I find it hard sometimes to have a scheduled writing time during the day. However, to compensate for this I will choose a scene or dialogue during the day and while I’m doing whatever I will be rummaging over in my mind different directions/description etc so that when I do sit down late at night to get my word count in then the text just flows. I was able to do this last year when I wrote 50K in 9 days (actually it was more like 5 because the first 4 were spent plotting). Sometimes this method works, sometimes it doesn’t, but overall it does for me.

Other writers I’ve spoken with say that they schedule time to write, they first make a commitment to themselves that they will get X amount of words in each day (I heartily recommend this myself) and then find space in their day to push themselves out of the loungechair and into the writing chair (sometimes that’s hard when Vampire Diaries etc are on screen – note to self: wait until after your fav show has finished before you sit at your chair – solution!).

What about you? Do you have a scheduled time to write? Can you turn on the tap and the words flow out?



  1. Hi Nat, this is going to be a good discussion, I can feel it! Do you feel like time is going faster too, or is that just me?

  2. Hi, Nat. It amazes me how much you get done with kids and work in the picture too. I wish I could find that tap where the words come gushing out!

    Ellie, time is definitely speeding up. Remember when the six-week summer holidays used to feel like FOREVER?! Weekends are far too short. I’m lobbying for three-day weekends.

  3. LOL – schedule…oh no.
    I admire people who do and people like yourself that have children, work, study. I’m just exhausted reading about it. And you just have the most upbeat attitude. 🙂

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