Posted by: Vanessa Barneveld | October 27, 2009

Olly’s Observations

Allow me to introduce Olly, 15, our guest blogger from Western Australia. He took up the challenge to review some “boy books” for us and really came through with the goods. Today, he has featured JARVIS 24 by David Metzenthen and SWERVE by Phillip Gwynne, both out now from Penguin Books.

JARVIS 24 David Metzenthen



So far, Marc E. Jarvis has lost a white football boot, a school tie and a best friend. But there’s more in store for him when he completes Work Experience at a local car yard – where his world is truly rocked, shocked and shaken.

Then Marc meets Electra

And nothing will ever be the same again…

A story of true friends, crazed coaches, shooting stars and loves lost and found.

JARVIS 24 is a brilliantly written novel filled with loss, longing and sorrow. But also is filled with hope for what’s to come. This novel is a must-read for any guy who has ever had a girlfriend or lost one. Any guy who has tried to pick up girls using football would enjoy this novel, lots of failures and successes there. David Metzenthen deserves a huge slap on the back!

SWERVE Phillip Gwynne


Hugh’s future is all mapped out for him


Just one slow straight road all the way to the horizon. Then Hugh meets Poppy. And Bella. And a HT Monaro GTS 350. And the ride starts to get bumpy. A funny, dark V8 of a novel that powers into the heart of the outback.

I thoroughly enjoyed SWERVE as it combines all the things I like best: girls, cars and road trips. SWERVE is a story about family togetherness in which forgiving and forgetting the past and believing someone can change can be the hardest thing to do. Hugh who is the main character finally becomes who he has been keeping hidden for years…a Holden lover. I recommend this book to anyone who thinks that their life is controlled by their parents.

Thanks, Olly!

I love Olly’s comment about SWERVE combining all the things he likes best. How about you? What elements do you like to see in a book?



  1. Awesome reviews, thanks Olly. You made me want to read the books…… even though I don’t feel my life is controlled by my parents 🙂

  2. Hey Olly – great reviews!!!!! Of course it’s no surprise since you are such a reading guru and I am always recommending your favorite books to all the boys who come into my library – so now I’ll have these ones to add to the list!!!!!

  3. Likewise, Sara. I’m looking forward to reading these titles too.

    Amanda, Olly did a great job, didn’t he? Sounds like he’s got a real knack for picking out good reads.

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