Posted by: Kiki | October 28, 2009

What to do when both choices are bad?

ChoicesDianne WolferChoices

Elizabeth has to make the choice of her life.

Seventeen and pregnant: does she sacrifice her dreams for a baby, or do something she’s not sure she can live with? Under pressure from her parents, she’s juggling a boyfriend she’s not sure she can trust, a best friend she keeps pushing away and her own indecision. Something’s got to give. It’s the hardest year she’s ever faced — what choice will she make?


Choices tackles a big issue. huge. Teen pregnancy is one of those taboo themes that is often either romanticised or outright condemned and taboo-ed. But talking about abortion is an even bigger can of worms.

in this gripping tale of one teenager’s choice and the consequences resulting from it, we see two Elisabeths, Lizzy and Beth, who deal with their unexpected teen pregnancy in two different ways. one girl keeps the child, one gets an abortion.

But those are not the hard choices the girl finds herself making. Each decision leads to a chain of events that changes her life. Her family, her friends, her boyfriend, are all there to react, to pressure, or just to beg for a chance to be part of her life.

The strong, plain prose of the two girls’ voices will stay with you as you follow the two opposing tale. there is no “right” choice here, nor a wrong one. Each choice has challenges and joys and in the end, you may not feel uplifted, but you will feel like no matter how tough a blow life deals you, you’ll come out stronger and all right.

Even if you’ve never had to deal with this particular tough choice, you will be able to relate to the internal and external dilemmas of the story.

Talking about ‘issue’ books, I want to know. Do you like them? What makes them a good read rather than a moralising tale to you? And are there subjects you absolutely do not want to read about in your teen fiction?



  1. This book really does a great job of getting the issue out there. Teen pregnancy is on the rise and there are soo many consequences that girls (and the guys) haven’t considered. Great review Kiki.

  2. This sounds like a powerful book, Kiki. I think reading “issue” books, especially when you’re going through a similar problem as the characters, can both comfort and give clarity.

  3. Issue book over goofy Gossip Girl style YA lit anytime.

    Kids live through the experience – and want to identify with others going through the same thing. The privacy and identification that such a book brings to that kid is priceless.

    – Julie

  4. i got mine signed be Dianne wolfer

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