Posted by: amandaashby | November 5, 2009

Karma police

This week at weloveya it’s all about destiny and so I thought I’d talk about karma. I’m a big fan of karma, unfortunately, because I’m quite spiritually un-evolved, I have trust issues. And while in theory I’m quite happy to let good old karma deal with all the horrible people in the world (especially the ones who are cut me off when they are driving their cars)  in reality I would sort of like to see some results. Which is why I propose that our governments start funding a Karma Police Force.

I mean how awesome would that be? We just call up and say. ‘Officer, I would like to report a crime. Yesterday at 10.05 the supermarket clerk was really mean to me and not only did she give me the evil eye, but she over-charged me for my M&Ms, and since M&M over-charging is a recognized crime, I would very much like you to screw up her karma.’

Of course this wouldn’t be the end of it, oh, no, no, no. Perhaps two weeks later the Karma Police would show you a link to a youtube clip so that you could quite clearly see the above mentioned supermarket clerk getting her karma comeuppance.

See, I told you it would be awesome! And that’s just for supermarket clerks. Imagine being able to see ex-boyfriends who done-you-wrong getting their slice of karamic payback? Or the horrible teachers who told you that were crap at English and wouldn’t amount to much getting bitch-slapped by the karma boys in blue.

So what do we think? Karma Police a good idea? Or should we rise above it and trust that the Universe will sort it all out on its own? 








  1. Bring on the Karma PoPo! If everyone knew that being an asshat to another was gonna come back to them, less people would be sucky.

  2. I typically run away from confrontations, even when I’ve been wronged, so I’m on board for the Karma Police.

  3. OMG! The part about English teachers is SO MY LIFE! How did you know? My high school English teacher was mean to me, wouldn’t promote me to an AP Class, you name it. Called me illiterate. Look at mama now! LOL!

  4. Aaron – exacery!!!!

    Vanessa – snap – I’m the same. Perhaps we can hide in the corner together (this applies to zombie invasions as well as confrontations!!!)

    Julie – what is it with English teachers? Mine was awful to me and when I look back (with clarity and hindsight as opposed to bitterness and rage!!!) I know that even back then I had a really strong writing ‘voice’. Thank goodness I’m a stubborn so and so and didn’t let it put me off!!!! Anyway, I’m sure that both our teachers have been visited by the Karma Police!!!!

  5. Amanda –

    We are not alone in our high school worlds of suffering at the hand of an English teacher. Yeah, strong voice – I used to write controversial stories and read them in front of the class (dressed like a goth, of course) and get everyone’s attention. The teacher did not like my dress or wild stories. Ha ha. I should see if she’s still around. BTW, this topic is making Karma Police – the song – play in my head over and over.

  6. Karma Karma Karma! It’s the only way I can put up with some publishers and editors!

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