Posted by: Ellie Royce | November 6, 2009

the magic within

The magical land in your own backyard.......So we’ve discussed Destiny and Karma. So how about Magic? I read a great definition once about magic(which incidentally I looked up but couldn’t find ) and I believe it was by Dion Fortune (but I could be wrong??!!) that defined magic as “The art of changing conciousness at will”

Which made me think about what happens when I sit down at the computer (or note-book or even when I’m just off in my own universe visualising a scene out of my characters lives) it’s as though time in the so-called “real world” has stopped altogether and I am elsewhere in some other realm creating lives in parallel universes or totally different universes, spinning, weaving ,controlling what occurs . In a sense, I control that universe or at least play Destiny myself. I create the destiny, the serendipity, the karma for my world within. It sure feels like magic.

On the oppposite side , it’s just as much a change in conciousness when I’m reading. Again, I’m transported but this time as an observer,or even as a friend, if I really love the book and it’s characters. I can be as refreshed when I return from this elsewhere as if I’ve been asleep or on holidays ( or sometimes as drained as if I’ve just climbed a mountain…..)

What do you all think?Is reading and writing a form of magic? Can it change your conciousness? How does it work for you?



  1. Hi, Ellie! Writing is magical for me if the story and characters evolve with seemingly little intervention on my part. I just wish I could capture that magic more often!

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