Posted by: amandaashby | November 12, 2009

Nano no-hoper

So these days it’s hard to go on the internet in November and not hear about Nano (National November Writing Month) – which is, in a nutshell, a call to action for all writers. It urges them to abandon their procastinating ways and to actually write a book in a month.

Well,  I’m not going to lie, I’ve written a lot of books in under four weeks, but for some reason, I can never manage it in November. Perhaps it’s just the weather? A flashback to exams? A dislike of months beginning with N? I honestly don’t know, but for whatever the reason, every year I sign up to do Nano and every year come December I’ve only managed to write a pittance of words.

So, this year, because I do actually want to get a book written this month, I decided to trick myself by NOT signing up to Nano but still trying to get my book finished (and started). But do you think I could fool myself? Er, that would be a big, fat NO.

In fact, my subconscious was onto it immediately. At first it was being quite co-operative and then it suddenly stopped and sniffed the air before folding its arms and glaring at me (what? your subconscious doesn’t glare at you? Well, lucky, lucky you!).

So anyway, after a lot of sniffing, arm folding and glaring it shook its subconscious head and informed me that just because it was the place that had invented my books about dead girls getting kicked out of heaven and about zombies trying to eat the prom queen, I wasn’t to be thinking it was stupid and NO WAY was it writing a whole book in November.

So, once again, my nano (and my non-nano) is a bust. Still, at leat the book is started and I’m pretty sure it will be finished before Christmas  but it would’ve been nicer to have it done in the next two or so weeks. Though, interestingly enough both of my nano failures have gone on to become real life books.

I started Fairy Bad Day two years ago and it will be coming out with Puffin in Spring 2011 and last year I started my untitled Djinn book which will be the first in my mid-grade series, again coming out with Puffin in Summer 2011.

So what about everyone else? Do we have some nano-goers in the crowd? How is it working out for you (and if it’s going good, then don’t worry because my anti-november thing isn’t catchy!!)


  1. Amanda, I think your subconscious and my subconscious have a lot in common! (Is is just me or does ‘subconscious’ look weird in black and white?)

    I’ve never Nanoed but I think I might do my own personal Nano every month. Imagine how much I could achieve if I didn’t procrastinate!

    Good luck with getting the book finished in time! I’m sure you’ll make it.

  2. I’ve nanoed in June with some of the other girls from RWA. This Nov I’ve been editing so I’m sticking with that. I did write a book in 9 days though last year. Then took months to edit it. I can write dirty draft quickly, then it has to go through the refiners fire in a drastic way.

  3. I have to edit as I go, so there’s no way I could do Nano, and that’s not even thinking about how much I procrastinate 🙂

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