Posted by: Vanessa Barneveld | November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th – It’s Somebody’s Lucky Day!

How providential that today, Friday the 13th, happens to be the draw date for our BEATLE MEETS DESTINY competition! I totally didn’t plan that. Thanks to all who commented on last week’s blog post.

My magnificent black cat, Pinklepurr, took time out of his busy napping schedule to randomly draw a winner. And that person is…


Pinklepurr - Annie West fan


Congrats, Llehn! Please email your postal address to ness (at) vanessa.barneveld (dot) com and I’ll send the book to you asap. And, everyone, please give Pinklepurr a cyber pat for helping out today.

Speaking of Friday the 13th, what’s the luckiest or unluckiest thing that’s ever happened to you?

I’ll start. UNLUCKIEST THING? Tumbling all the way down a big set of stairs on my first date with a gorgeous guy. You could say I fell for him. Love was the last thing on my mind as I lay sprawled at the bottom of the stairs with my dress hiked up to my chin. LUCKIEST THING? The same gorgeous guy asked me to marry him. Sure, it only took him 10 years, but at least by then I had emotionally and physically recovered from that spontaneous stunt.





  1. Oh Vanessa I hear you on the falling over thing. I once went on a date with a friend who was a 2nd yr doctor. I tripped over in the gutter (it was dark, I don’t drink) and ripped two tendons in my foot. The guy didn’t even offer to help. I had to drive my manual car to the movies, hoik my foot up on the chair in front of me (it was throbbing the whole time), then toddle to the car at the end and drop him off.
    I can tell you now that was the last date with him, no matter how cute he was he had shown his true colours.

  2. Ha ha isn’t that just the way?
    I’m thinking about Friday the 13th too- on a Friday the 13th many many (sigh…) MANY moons ago the boy I had been crushing on for quite some time (BTW there were obstacles- he was my best friend’s brother – two years older and much more sophisticated to my 16 y.o. mind…) finally made a move.
    On a moonlight walk he held my hand, and then at the end of the night (we were out with a group of others) he kissed me goodnight. I’m talkin FIRST KISS people!
    Good old Friday the 13th.
    Now if I get myself into action this Friday 13th might just be the day I finish the current book!

  3. Hey, Miss Vanessa, Pinklepurr is a handsome beast, isn’t he? How lucky he is to have a napping schedule. That’s my aim in life!

    What a cute post! I didn’t know that about your first date. Talk about making an impression! I’ve only just realised it’s Friday 13th! Must stay away from ladders and mirrors and black cats!

  4. Snap – Vanessa I fell out a car on the first date I had with my husband (well, I say car but it was actually a van. Long story don’t ask, but he’s made good on it since then!!!!). Of course none of this happened on Friday the 13th!!!

  5. Vanessa,

    Your Pinklepurr is such a clever cat. I even recognise the book he’s reading – what taste he has!

    Unluckiest thing that happened to me? Probably breaking my arm (and I DO mean breaking) when my pony threw me. Then travelling 40km to get it x rayed and returning home with it in a sling. Then the hospital rang to say there’d been an error and I had to go back next day for plaster. Error! I’ll say. Then the first lot of plaster was wrong and had to be redone…

    On the positive side the 13th is a special day for me as my son was born on August 13th. Cool eh?

  6. I’ve enjoyed all your answers, ladies! (And grimaced at the unlucky tales!) I’m at the day job right now but will be back to comment later.

  7. Nat, what an appalling bedside manner from the 2nd-year doc! I’m sorry you had to go through all that to see his true character.

  8. Ellie, how sweeeet of that boy! Sounds like it was a magical night.

  9. Amanda, I hope the car wasn’t moving at the time!!! That’s what I’d call a stunt. I’m glad everything worked out in the end!

  10. Anna, have you managed to avoid black cats and ladders today? I’ve avoided both (Pinklepurr and the construction work going on at home).

    Everyone needs a proper napping schedule!

  11. Annie, that clever Pinkie loves all your books!

    Breaking a limb is terrible in itself, but to go through all that drama to get treatment… How painful!

    Has your son ever had a Friday the 13th birthday bash?

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