Posted by: sarahantz | November 13, 2009


It seems like ages since I’ve posted on We love YA…… that’s because it is ages. I’d like to tell you it’s because I’ve been writing up a storm and the day job is  running me ragged. So, that is partially true, but my other problem is I suffer from the writers curse…… procrastination.


My writing to do list can be as long as you like but still I find every conceivable excuse to do something else instead. Even ironing!!!!!


When I’m in bed at night I make all these grand plans….. outline a new book, blog (on all three blogs I’m part of), research….. you name it, I plan it. Then some time between making plans and getting up the next day the procrastinating bug attacks……


Does anyone else suffer? And what do you do about it?





  1. Hi, Sara! Sounds like you’ve got it bad if ironing wins over everything else! I’m glad to hear you’re writing heaps, though.

    I suffer from procrastination too. I wish I had a snappy solution to the problem. The thing is I *know* what I need to do and I know the consequences if I don’t do them. I’m rebelling against myself!

  2. I will post a lengthy, very helpful comment on the perfect ways to combat procrastination… just as soon as I finish cleaning my house, reading my blogs, and daydreaming…

  3. Vanessa, that’s exactly it…. rebelling against myself!!!

  4. Sam, that’s soooooo funny!!

  5. welcome back, sara. I’m a queen of procrastination myself and always excelling at finding new ways to procrastinate. Now if only there was an actual job position for procrastinators because I have lots of experience.

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