Posted by: Ellie Royce | November 17, 2009

Where do YOU like to read/Write?

reading in the bath is fun

Personally, I love to read in the bath. Preferably with bubbles, essential oils and LOTS of time to enjoy.  “Don’t you get pruney?” You may ask… but hey-who cares. There’s just someting about water and words for me…Where do I like to write? Anywhere I can, but in bed is always good. I like the garden too but I reckon if I could set it up in the bath so as not to you know electrocute myself…..!!! The bath would be my IT place for writing as well. How about you?



  1. I read in bed at night, and in the afternoons during summer on the back verandah.

  2. I could never read in the bath. I’d be worried I’d drop the book and ruin it before I could find out the ending! (Yeah, I’m clumsy.)

    I usually read on the bus to and from work; on the bike at the gym (I would never read on an ACTUAL bike. That would be more disastrous than reading in the bath); and on the couch in my living room.

  3. i like to read in the bath too … also in bed… clearly I have to be prone.

  4. I’ve never read in the bath before! This is something I’ll look into doing when (if…) my home reno is complete. I read on the train and write anywhere but at my desk.

  5. Wow V- you’ve NEVER read in the bath? What a treat you have in store.
    Simmone I hadn’t actually put two and two together but you’re right- being prone must be a very important aspect of my reading prefs. as well.
    Steph and Sam, your comments have reminded me that I also sometimes read ahem- while dusting- doing the bathrooms(yeah, my house is not the tidiest as one handed housework is possibly not as efficient as two) and I USED to read while walking home from school. Now before you all go “Ooh how dangerous” let me just say that I’m female and my peripheral vision has always been pretty good. In many ways it’s a bit like walking with an IPod in… well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  6. I love to read in a huge chair with tons of pillows, and the same goes for when I’m writing my stories. maybe put on a little soft music that I love, making sure none of my mom’s choices comes on lol. perfect for my concentration.

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