Posted by: stephbowe | November 21, 2009

Why do you write?

…for publication?

…for others to read? (possibly bunnies.)

…because you can’t not write, no matter how infuriating it may be?

…to express yourself?

…because it keeps you sane?

…or just because you want to be a glamorous, classy, really-ridiculously-good-looking author?

…or a combination of these things?
Do share!

Steph Bowe



  1. Loved every one of these, but the photo of the room filled with balled up paper is the best and much too familiar. 🙂 Thanks.

  2. Very, very amusing! I, too, loved the room filled with discarded paper.

    Though the picture of the rabbit reading made me say, “Plot bunny!” Hah.

    Though the reason I write has to be the line right after Reading is Sexy. I mean, it just HAS to be…:)

  3. “Maybe draw a moustache on this book”. Hee.

    I write because it’s fun. It’s satisfying. Once a very bad creative writing teacher told me off because I told him I write because I enjoy it; he thought one should only write because of one’s fiery passion. Which I disagree with, because sometimes I don’t particularly want to write and it’s hard, but I do it anyway.

  4. Ha ha great pics. All of the above but most definitely to stay sane is reason no 1. “Too much brain in my head” indeed. I remember how miserable I’ve been and how muddled my mind is in the odd patches of non-writng when life has been REALLY hectic and you wouldn’t want to see in there honestly- it’s not pretty. I actually really liked the ‘pensieve’ idea in Harry Potter- wouldn’t it be great if you could just pull a story that’s been driving you mad out of your brain and store it away for later instead of having to decant it by the (often torturous) process of writing it out like this…. and of course the other reason why I write is that I looove it.

  5. Hee, all of these are spot on! And very amusing. I’d say I write both because I can’t help it and because it keeps me sane after hours spent memorizing the miniatures of the cell’s organelles.

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