Posted by: Ellie Royce | December 1, 2009

FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!How do you celebrate finishing a book?

Huzzah Huzzah! Finished the book,AT LAST…….., clean final draft sent to lovely patient agent yesterday afternoon! Yippee!!!!!!!!
I am now allowed to …Read three books of my choice ( started the Lost Symbol by Dan Brown in the bath last night)
Blog as much as I want(read AND  write so look out you guys, I’ll be visitng!)for 3 weeks
Watch TV (Hooray, I can catch up on ‘Glee’)
Have Christmas feeling FREE!
Then it all starts again for the next book in my “Letterbook” series- but hey, right now ….I’m FINISHED!!!!!!!

Happy Happy dance!



  1. Yeahhh, well done. Have recently finished first draft of latest book and immediately curled up with other people’s books! And drank champagne. Now comes the editing….

  2. Congrats Ellie! Doing a happy dance for you!

  3. Start another one.

  4. Thanks all, I feel so FREE. And just BTW-regarding starting another one- I have a little ritual I always do when I finish one book. I write the first page of the next one I’m planning on working on. Even if it totally changes by the time my 3 week self- allocated holiday is over I still write that page 1. Just my little superstition- anyone else got those?

  5. Yay, Ellie! Congrats on finishing the book. Feels so good, doesn’t it? Helene’s got the right idea–a sip or twelve of champers suits me. A nice hunk of Lindt chocolate is also good for celebrating milestones.

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