Posted by: stephbowe | December 10, 2009

It was the best of times…

2009… the year that was… and still is… for a few more weeks (crazy Christmas-shopping and over-eating and too-many-parties and barbecues and sunburn weeks. Weeks next January we’ll ask ‘Why?’ over, when we weigh more than normal and have less money than ever. Oh, these weeks). For me, it’s been a brilliant year on the literary side of things – I was invited to my first writing festival, I was a judge of the 2009 Inky Awards (the awards ceremony at the State Library of Victoria was great fun!), I wrote a book, I signed with my agent and I got a book deal!

This year I started my blog, and was able to connect with a writing community in spite of being geographically-challenged (damn country Victoria!). The year was not without its trials and tribulations (and I’m sure it has a few more yet – especially since I just got my first editorial notes, and I’m now revising my novel – the fear! what if I fail?! oh dear!) but all the bad stuff, all the lowlights and challenging times made the good stuff, the highs, the bits that make this ‘best of’ all the more worthwhile.

The very best bits of this year though? The time I spent with family and friends. The time when writing was easy. The times when I laughed.

So, if 2009 wasn’t for you (and even if it was) I’m hoping that 2010 is better – I’m not going to wish you more productivity, or a faster metabolism, or more hours in the day. But I will wish you more laughter, and I do hope you enjoyed this year, and enjoy the next even more (and the next, and the next, and the next…).

Now, I thought I’d share some quotes which inspired me & got me through this year, and will hopefully inspire you too!



  1. Thanks for the quotes. Made me smile.

  2. Oops. Forgot to answer the question. What’s so great about 2009? It’s the year I signed with an agent.

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