Posted by: Natalie Hatch | December 14, 2009

Book Reviews…

One of the perks of writing a blog about writing is that sometimes wonderful people send me books to read. I like that arrangement, I love reading, especially YA books. There’s something really great about Young Adult literature that just sets it apart from others.

I finally finished Charlie Higson’s  “The Enemy” . Oh my! It’s a novel about ZOMBIES…. and there were parts that I had to read only in daylight, a bit like Johnathon Golden’s “Soulless” (that novel scared the crud out of me). Charlie has put forth the idea that after a disaster everyone over the age of 14 dies and becomes a zombie. A bunch of kids have survived and have banded together to try and get away from the zombies. I can’t say much more without giving too many things away, but I must say that it takes a lot to keep me on edge, this book did a great job. Read it with the lights on!

Another novel I received was “Let the Right One In” by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist (try saying that name fast three times).  Oh dear, oh dear, did this novel scare me? Umm, yes, hello. It’s about a letting a vampire into your life. But not just an ordinary vampire, a kid, who can control you. It’s a twisted story of love, betrayal and vampirism (not the sparkly kind, the rip your throat out, drain you dry type vampire). It’s not classified YA, even though the antagonist is a teen. I do think the themes running through the novel are quiet dark. I know that I couldn’t read it at night.

Which leads me to a book I bought for myself “Rampant” by Diana Peterfreund…. all I can say is Killer Unicorns people, Killer Unicorns… read it.

So this week is about gifts, what you’re hoping for, what you’re giving etc etc. I thought I would be generous and offer a copy of “The Enemy” away to Aussie and NZ commenters (sorry I’m still too broke to send a book over big seas).

All you have to do is share with us a book that you can’t read in the night time.


  1. Don’t enter me since I live overseas, but one book I cannot read is Forest of Hands and Teeth! It gave me zombie nightmares for a week!

  2. I liked Forest, but Soulless by Johnathon Golden was scarier. Not as scary as Stephen King’s “IT” but right up there.

  3. I recently was reading a book called Escape and the author was talking about a murder and rapist being on the roof of the hotel in which she was staying at. Needless to say, it was dark and our house makes way too many noises that I felt as though I was the one being stalked.

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