Posted by: Natalie Hatch | January 4, 2010

A Year Today…where will we be?

Can you remember January 4th 2009? What were you doing? We’re you thinner/heavier or full of energy? What happened in the year since that date? Have you grown/changed? How?

I was thinking about this topic last night. What have I achieved in one year?

I’ve certainly learned more writing craft that’s for sure, and I’m grateful for those opportunities. I’ve made some amazing new friends and met up with some old ones I haven’t seen in ages.

My children have grown, my waistline has decreased. My grey hairs have increased (darn Clairol doesn’t really work that well).

What happened 20 years ago? 4th Jan 1990 – Bob Hawke was re-elected as Prime Minister. My home town was cut off by a flood which took out both the roads north and south of the city.  The Berlin Wall was coming down and the Cold War that had torn the world apart was coming to an end.

And then I thought about the 4th January 2011… what is going to happen this year and how will that affect my writing/family life/mental health (ala rejection city or NYTimes best seller list?)?

Here’s what I would like to happen. My children continue to grow and expand their intelligence to greater heights. My waistline to decrease further with a bit of a bottom lift at the same time thanks very much universe. My writing to be of worth and published. For my friends to all get great publishing deals so we can celebrate with lots of book give aways.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, I can only deal with today, but I hope to challenge myself out of my comfort zone as I have this past year and to push myself further than I thought I could go, both with writing and with health/career etc.

What about you? Where will you be in one years time? Gerard Butler might still be single and wanting your phone number? Or maybe that P+O cruiseliner has your name on it. Hmm think bigger!



  1. Congrats on your achievements in 2009, Nat! I hope this time next year we’ll be toasting your success in the publishing world.

    Would you believe I recently saw my first Gerard Butler movie? It was ‘Gamer’, a futuristic drama about prisoners enslaved in a virtual reality game. If they make it to the end, they’re set free. Quite interesting…

  2. Oh now you have to go watch PS I Love You, and RocknRolla, and 300 (see 300) and a whole bunch of others. Did you know Gerard sings? Opera singer… amazing huh?
    Next year your GH will be a RITA? I’ll just be happy with what the hard slogging fairies send my way. LOL

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