Posted by: Vanessa Barneveld | January 8, 2010

Whatever Will Be Will Be

The heroine in one of my books is psychic. Spirits send her warnings and signs. They tell her if a sunny day’s going to turn stormy. Warn her that the too-good-to-be-true boy she likes is a phony. Not that she listens. She prefers to tune them out, because more often than not, they get her in trouble. They could probably tell her what she’ll be doing in a year’s time, and that is exactly what this week’s topic is.

When 2011 rolls around, I seriously, seriously, seriously hope my house is in order. The “novelty” of having a makeshift kitchen and bathroom for the past three years has worn off. Share in some of the horror by checking out the photos here.

Speaking of houses, my other big hope is to find a good home for my manuscripts. We’re thinking Manhattan. Nice view of Central Park, perhaps. Close to good restaurants, bars and shops.

So, for me, 2010 is going to be all about feathering the nest. Picture me relaxing at home in a dust-free environment, poring over the galleys for my contracted books by December.

Look into your crystal ball, tea-leaves or tarot cards, consult your friendly ghost or just make a good guess – where are you going to be in a year’s time? Will you work hard to make your dreams come true or will you leave it up to fate?



  1. Ahh Vanessa, crossing my fingers for you and me both baby! I’d like my house just to stay clean for more than half an hour after I clean it. LOL.
    Publishing contracts all round barkeep!

  2. Thanks, Nat! If I ever make it big, I’m going to employ a full-time cleaner.

  3. Good luck getting everything into order Vanessa (house & getting that big publishing contract) 🙂

  4. Thanks, Eleni! I hope you’re enjoying your home improvements. I love your new blog, btw!

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