Posted by: Ellie Royce | January 12, 2010

I remember……..

 Just read Nat’s last blog and Nat…now you’ve started something… does this apply to writing? Well, it’s all in there….and it all comes out eventually!!!

What are your memories of being young (and over heated?)

Also.. the huge triangular ice blocks like sunnyboy and  razzes, long hot lunchtimes on the school oval looking for shady spots, handball games that lasted the whole term, the cigarette smoke drifting from behind the sports sheds where the ‘naughty girls’ hung out with the ‘cool boys’, long hot nights with my fan on and my trannie radio shoved under my pillow so I could listen to the musuc all night without getting into trouble from Mum. Ah, summer….



  1. I wasn’t a naughty girl, I stayed right away from the ‘cool’ boys. Sunnyboys, now you’re talking and do you remember when Golden Gaytimes were launched and no one batted an eyelid at the name? Coz it didn’t really mean that back then. They’re still around, I saw one in the shops the other day. Taste the same as well.

  2. Oooh me neither- I was right goody- two- shoes (may have had something to do with the fact that my Mum taught at my primary school which was just down the road from the high school and all the teachers, you know-TALKED…) but I do remember exhanging knowing looks with my girls when that cigarette smoke drifted by on the breeze- we all knew what it meant.
    Oh yeah, Golden Gaytimes- they were a treat! And what about Peters Footy’s? I LOVED them. Don’t think they’re still around, sadly….

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