Posted by: Natalie Hatch | January 18, 2010

My birthday (don’t remind me)

Ah man, I just wrote up this great blog post about my birthday on Wedneday and guess what? My comp crashed. How’s that for serendipity? Darn.

So here’s version2.0

I’m turning #( yrs old on Wed. Seen a lot of things, surrounded myself with wonderful people, and got rid of toxic out of my life years ago (best thing I ever did). I’m in a happy place right now (but the pessimist in me keeps looking over her shoulder wondering when the next bit of hard times is coming along).

These are photos of my wonderful, wonderful family. They have grown up a bit since these pics were taken but you get the idea.

Diana Peterfreund is also having her birthday on Wednesday, stop by her blog and wish her a happy birthday, you can tell her I blabbed.

It’s also Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s birthday apparently. Well there you go.

So what do I want for my birthday? Time to write would be great. I don’t know about the rest. There are soo many things that I long for but really they aren’t necessities.

So here are a few of my favourite things (just in case my family actually read my blog).

Shoes, oh how I love shoes right now. But I’ve learned from painful experience that I can’t wear high heels (I mean really high heels), I look like someone has stuck a pole up my bottom and I tend to wobble like a three year old in them.

Anything from The Body Shop, anything at all. I love that shop. I love walking in there and just inhaling.

I also love anything from Cantebury Lace. Oh what a wonderful shop. I couldn’t possibly buy anything right now because my kids would wreck it, but one day I will enter that store and open up my purse and shop until my heart’s content.

I also love old fashion hats, esp. from the Edwardian Era, very cool.

And hula hooping! I am so happy pulling my hoop out and just having a play in the backyard. I’ve lost a lot of weight just from laughing at myself as I hoop it up with my kids. Great photo of Safire (Sandra). I’ve joined and am loving Safire’s teaching. It’s great, I’ve learned soo many new tricks, totally recommend it if you want to learn how to hoop.


  1. Hope you have a great day. Hooping sound like fun- you’ve inspired me to check it out.

  2. Rebecca hula hooping has saved my sanity. Especially toilet training the twins. I hoop and laugh off the days stresses, and it’s helping get rid of the baby belly.

  3. I totally get the looking over your shoulder thing. I still haven’t been able to appreciate where I am (concern over mocking some deity somewhere & getting kicked in the behind over it).

    Happy Birthday for Wednesday. I really like the idea of hooping (once my knee can take it …. currently it doesn’t even like the Wii Fit Hooping LOL). I’m turning a “0” year this year and have the other half already menacing schemes at me (all very top sekrit apparently LMAO).

  4. Have a wonderful day on Wednesday Nat!

  5. Thanks Eleni. Nicky hooping gets rid of my stress and anxiety (which apparently a lot of writers have *-*). I love it. And am enjoying Safire’s online tutorials, she breaks down each movement easily so even brain dead zombies like me can do it. Still quite a few tricks to learn.


    Hoop it up!


  7. I KNOW you said don’t remind me but… happy birthday anyway- hope you get some great shoes.

  8. I had a great day, did get Body Shop stuff, and Arthur Slade’s “Hunchback Assignments” novel (steampunk, loving it). No shoes, drat, but there’s always next year.

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