Posted by: Ellie Royce | January 26, 2010

Oy Oy Oy

Heard this story today, appeals to my Cornish roots!

Okay- this is about the  Cornish Miners who settled  here in Oz.Apparently cornish pasties (YUMMMMM) in cornish (excuse the spelling.. phonetics…) are called oggie- get this- the wives  of the miners would make the pasties and then send then lunch boy off with same. Lunch boys’ would call down the shaft- “OGGIE OGGIE OGGIE” and the response from the hungry chappies below? “oy oy oy!” or- bring it on down, we mighty hungry down here! How cool is that?

Happy Aussie day to all Aussies great, small and of all cultural persuasions. Behave yourselves.



  1. I love pasties! Yummo. My diet doesn’t but I do.
    And of course you have to have Gangajang. What about Icehouse “Great Southern Land?” that’s a classic. Oh and Aussie Crawl (though I never can tell what that guy is saying). We soo need a tribute post to David Rayne’s lyrics and what we actually hear when he sings them. Mondegren central!

  2. Ha ha sooo right. I think he’s a staple on that spicks n specks game!

  3. Omg, lol.


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