Posted by: Diane Curran | January 31, 2010

Diane vs. dragons

It’s January 31 which brings me to the end of Margie Lawson‘s fabulous Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors online course.

So did I slay my dragons?

Yes and no.

You see these are the kind of dragons that resurrect themselves.  SELF-DOUBT can make a new appearance when I’m faced with a new opportunity, a request, an offer of a critique.  And then his other head PROCRASTINATION makes another appearance offering solace.

For now, these dragons are caged in the corner, and I’ve hung a large sign at the front that says “DO NOT FEED THE DRAGONS”

So when these dragons appear in my life, I will laugh at them, I will not listen them, I will jump in do what I need to do, armed with my Winner List and my Superstar List.  They may breath fire, but they are big and bulky and I can outrun them, as long as I keep acting on my goals and moving forward.

I’ve learned so much during the last four weeks and I have Margie to thank, and my fabulous change coach Lesley to thank, along with a bunch of amazing classmates who were willing to battle their dragons and share their insights.

My fellow We Love YA blogster, Natalie Hatch, made me a hula hoop in November last year. Putting Margie’s DUH theory into practice, hula-hooping is now a daily part of my life and I can proudly say I can hula hoop, though no tricks yet. But at the beginning of the month, I could barely keep the hoop spinning, so the tricks will come soon.

I cannot recommend Margie’s course highly enough. Although the course is offered online only once a year, you can visit her website and buy the lecture pack. Better still, buddy up with a friend to be your change coach, and do the course together.

Margie also offers some fantastic courses in editing. The next course is Empowering Characters’ Emotions held online in March through PASIC, and Nat and I have already enrolled.  Take that, you Self-Doubt/Procrastination dragon.   Ooh, I just stabbed him in the belly. He’s not looking too happy at the moment. Mastering the craft aspect of writing (and editing) may make him redundant. He might have to find someone else to hassle.

I just remembered: when I turned 27, I had a 7 year old birthday party and we played kids games all afternoon. My mum made me a dragon cake – he was gorgeous.

But this was only a year or two before  I did a life-changing self-development course, met my partner, lost my mum and decided to pursue writing seriously. Perhaps the cake was a symbol of the dragons I was going to have to face.But then again, that cake got cut up and eaten and he was delicious. Maybe that’s how I need to treat all my dragons from now on.

(turns to look at cage).  Mmm, SELF-DOUBT dragon, I’m hoping you taste like chocolate.


  1. Wow, Diane–sounds like these courses really have changed your life. Keep that dragon locked up!

  2. Kudos Diane- You deserve a big huzzah for even narrowing down what your dragons ARE. So many of us just bumble along and wonder why we cant achieve this or that. (Weight loss, for one!) And I was in a book shop the other day, admiring (ok drooling, I admit) over oh so many luscious new readables when I suddenly had an utter PANG of self doubt- “who am I,” I thought,” To try and compete with all this? I must be stone mad- or have delusions of grandeur” I was quite shaken and it wasn’t until I got home and soothed myself by flicking through my published books that I could breathe properly again.So as you see- these sneaky buggers are everywhere- always laying in wait. You’re doing brilliantly!

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