Posted by: Diane Curran | February 7, 2010

For research purposes only

We have a newly-installed teenage girl in the house (for research purposes only!).  She was delivered to us on Tuesday evening,  after several desperate phone calls about nothing going right and how she wanted to come and live with us. We didn’t even have to go to the store to pick her up.  The male friend delivered her to the doorstep.

Everything was hunky dory for a few days but in this day of instant communication, a ‘break’ can never be a  real break…not with the ability to text, call and instant message. So while the boy thinks he’s being a friend and checking up on her etc etc, the teen is reading between the lines, misinterpreting his messages and thinking he wants a whole lot more and wanting to go back to be with him.

She’s confused.

And I’m even more confused.

So we’ve had job applications filled out to get a job here and straighten her life out, then a couple of days later she’s announced that she has a job opportunity back in the big smoke and she has to go back for it. Of course, that’s only part of the reason she wants to go back.

We’ve had tears and sulking, and marching off to the corner, mobile in hand, to have whispered conversations with the friends.

Teenage angst?  You can keep it.

Sigh. I remember what it was like to be nineteen and I don’t want to go back there.



  1. I would laugh, but I’m so in the middle of this right now, so I’ll just pat you on the shoulder and tell you it does eventually get better. Eventually.
    And besides it’s great research, really and truly.

  2. Oh, I hope everything turns out okay for your research subject, Diane. I’m now glad I went through the usual angsty teen stuff way back when, otherwise I wouldn’t appreciate what I have today.

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