Posted by: Natalie Hatch | February 12, 2010

Review: Maurice Gee – Salt Trilogy

Alright, I haven’t read the third book yet, still waiting for it, but to start with let me just say that Maurice Gee scares the pants off me! Well sort of.

Maurice is a New Zealand writer who’s had some great novels out for quite a while, but I’d never read any because the covers always were, well, not my type of book. Oh how wrong was I?  Maurice’s book “Under the Mountain” was made into a mini series many years ago but the big news is it’s come to the big screen. It stars Tom Cameron as Theo, Sam Neill as Mr Jones, and Sophie McBride as Rachel. I am trying to find out where I can see it.

So back to the Salt Trilogy.  Tarl has been captured and his son, Hari has vowed to find him. Hari has abilities that if discovered could endanger his life. He meets up with Pearl, who is running away from an arranged marriage to a total disgusting man many years older than her. Together they venture to the Salt Mines where something more sinister than the company awaits them…

Now I could go on and tell you a few more things, but that will give away secrets. Needless to say I loved Hari’s character, his struggle to adapt to life and the discovery of his powers really felt true to character. I hadn’t picked up these books because of the cover thinking they were totally horror and not my thing. But I’m glad the girls over at Text Publishing sent them to me because I’ve discovered a great writer (he probably already knew he was but I’m claiming the discovery anyway). Now I just have to go through his back log of novels and see what else he’s got to offer me.

The Salt Trilogy consists of Salt, Gool, and Blood Burrow. Well worth the read, Maurice combines fantasy with horror in a great way that doesn’t get too gory. He’s like those old fashion movies where you’re scared witless but no one is going to be throwing buckets of blood all over the screen needlessly. Combine Alfred Hitchcock and Ursula K LeGuin and you’ve got Maurice Gee”s ‘Salt’ books.  Definitely do yourself a favour and have a read.

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