Posted by: Diane Curran | February 14, 2010

Playing with Words

The homework for my next writers group meeting is to create an ‘affirmation collage’, so today I assembled the collage: focusing on what I’d like to achieve with my writing.

I haven’t done any collage for a while, but doing this one and knowing that the writers group comp this year is for poetry, has brought back my collage poetry mojo.

One of the things that has put me off is the fact that it’s extremely messy. Words are escaping all over my house. There’s  a pile of words stretched across the lounge trying to assemble themselves into a poem.

But while the partner is away, the collagist will play…

I wonder how many collage poems I can create in a week.

I have more collage poems on my Chickollage blog.

Anyone else here doing the collage thing?



  1. No, not clever enough but I LOOVE it!
    It looks great as well as reading great. I love your dream manifestation as well Di- I do a similar thing often- it’s amazing how well it works.

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