Posted by: Natalie Hatch | February 20, 2010

Women’s Sport

Okay I’m sorry I’m interrupting someone else’s blogspot, but really I have to vent. What is up with the male TV presenters at the Winter Olympics? I mean seriously?

Some quotes: “Technically a good run, but the women are nowhere near as sophisticated as the men.”

“The men’s competition yesterday was a much more thrilling event.”

Ahh, I could go on, but… What is up with dissing the girls at the olympics?  When did we get thrust back to the 70s? Seriously?

Why can’t we celebrate the girls achievements without the comparisons?

I thought we were past all this, truly I did. So many bras burned in the 70s and now we’re back to this? Waste of good elastic I should think.

I’ve run across this all through life, women are tolerated but not accepted as equal. Jeepers don’t get me started.

Maybe the male presenters are just morons?

Anyway on a brighter note… see great segway coming up. Torah Bright won Gold! Showing the world what an Aussie Girl can do! Snowboarding rocks… no, no, Torah Bright does. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! And all this from a nation that has very little snow.

Closest I’m going to get to snow here in the tropics is cleaning out my freezer, darn.

I’m glad that Torah showed the world just what she can do. Great inspiration.


  1. Yay Torah! I know, she’s awesome absolutely amazing. And my opinion on the commentary? They’re MORONS.

  2. You betcha! The glass ceiling is there though, girls have to shatter it before anyone will give them recognition.

  3. So many bras burned in the 70s


  4. Laura I think if you have a look back through 70s newspapers and such you’ll find photographic evidence of women burning bras in protest to unequal pay etc.

  5. But I mentioned it to my friend yesterday and she told me that the burning bras thing never happened.


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