Posted by: Diane Curran | February 28, 2010

I told you I’d make a mess…

While the boy’s away….the collage poet (and the cat) will play…

I bought myself a laser printer,  Dorkus is very impressed with the box it came in. Guess I won’t be chucking the box out any time soon. But there’s no cat master/slave here to go crook so Dorkus can play as long as he wants.

And so can I.  Making a mess.  After all, isn’t that what surfaces are for?  To provide space to play, to sort, to create…

The words need to mingle, get acquainted, form relationships…before they can commit themselves to the glue and the cardboard.

And sometimes they make a collage poem…

or two…

Ok, it’s Sunday, so it’s back to the editing, then back to the cut-outs, the cardboard and the glue.

The boy will be back in a week or so. I need to work out the best storage system, so the words can come out and be packed away easily without stilting the creative energy.



  1. Cool collage poem, Diane.

    For some reason, I’m reminded of Donald Maass’s revision trick: fling your unbound manuscript to the floor, pick up one page and find a way to increase the tension on that page. Cats love this game too!

  2. Oh Vanessa if I threw my mss on the floor the twins would eat the pages.
    Nice collage Di.

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